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League of Legends National Championship 2016/17

Over 350 teams competed last year comprising teams of all abilities. Could this be the year you qualify for the National League or make it to the Gauntlet? Does your team dream of greatest and want to on stage at NUEL Live in front of a crowd? Would a weekend in Berlin to watch the LCS so you can meet your favourite pros and casters make you want to grind that little bit harder? Or does having a great time with other League players every week sound good? Whatever your ambitions are, it’s time to register.

Register a team

Already got a team? Register here.

Looking for a team? Check out your society Facebook Group, we have a list of them here. Otherwise, you just need to find 4 more friends who play LoL at your university and register.

What happened to the other website? There’s an explanation in this post, unfortunately you’ll need to re-register on this site if you don’t already have an account.

Aston Aunties enjoying their trip to Berlin

Aston Aunties enjoying their trip to Berlin


Prizes are handed out to teams for their finishing position within the Regular Season and additional prizes for Post-Season finish.

1st Place

Trip for you and your team to watch the LCS live in Berlin

How does a expenses paid trip to Berlin for 4 days, tour of the LCS studio, meeting the Pros and casters, along with 2 days of live LCS action sound? Here are the photo’s from when the the Aston Aunties went. Get practicing now and it could be your turn this year.

5 exclusive NUEL winners hoodies

Only winners are allowed to look this good, you’ll get our own custom hoodie to everyone else know that you’re a champ.

Further prizes TBA.

Cambridge winners hoodies

Cambridge Dongers sporting their winner’s hoodie.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play on stage in front of the crowd? Well, if you make the Grand Finals of the National Championship you’ll get to live the dream. See what the 2015/16 GAME National Championship finals looked like.

Nottingham Bears vs Birmingham Storm at NUEL Live

Nottingham Bears vs Birmingham Storm at NUEL Live


Games start at 6:45pm and you’ll have 3 games, unless stated otherwise.

Event Date
Signup Deadline Friday 14th October
National League Qualification: Week 1 Sunday 16th October
National League Qualification: Week 2 Sunday 23rd October
Regular Season: Week 1 -2 Sunday 30th October & Sunday 6th November
Break week (No games played) Sunday 13th November
Regular Season: Week 3 – 5 Sunday 20th November to Sunday 4th December
Christmas break
Regular Season: Week 6 – 8  Sunday 5th February to Sunday 19th February
Play-offs: Day 1 Saturday 25th February (5pm start, up to 4 games)
Play-offs: Day 2 Sunday 26th February (5pm start, up to 4 games)
Semi-finals Sunday 5th March (4pm game 1, ~7pm game 2, bo3)
Grand finals TBA (Bo5)

Register or find a team

You’re probably as fired up as we are to get started, so grab your teammates and register here.
Don’t have a team? Don’t worry, go join your university’s society Facebook group and let them know you’re looking for a team, there’s a list of the societies we have info for at the bottom of this article.

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