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A Huddersfield Fairy Tale or Second Time Lucky For Aston?


It’s nearly time for the final week of the League of Legends Championship this year, also the first with it under the new title of the GAME National Championship. This week will feature a massive clash between the, table topping, Aston Aunties and Summer Tournament champions Huddersfield White.

As finalists of the second split both teams went 3-0 last week. Read on for the lowdown on what brought this about.

Aston Aunties – Aston University

Mexy – Top Lane

J3T – Jungle

Wood League – Mid Lane

Best Jayce – Support

MSR – AD Carry

The Aston Aunties are the team that broke UoB Storm’s curse of “Forever Second” by losing to them in the first split. Not an enviable achievement. They bounced back immediately in Week 3 though, which propelled them up past a faltering Storm to the top of the points table. They arguably had an “easy” week, with them not having to face up against any other top 5 teams in the table. They beat We are Surrey, Droolio and the Gang and the USW Dragons to book their second consecutive place in a split final. Despite this I would rate them as favourites going into the best-of-3.

For now Aston rules the points table, and no matter what the result this week that’s where they will stay, but that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing however…

Huddersfield White – University of Huddersfield

InSec2GDragonD – Top Lane

IHazCatz – Jungle

SharpeyX – Mid Lane

Armour – Support

Kr1z – AD Carry

If ever there is a team that thrives being the underdog it is Huddersfield White. They caught me completely unawares when they won the Summer Tournament. Then with the National Championship starting they weren’t expected to not be able to keep up with the higher standard of competition, and for the first split that was the case. Then they turned on the heat in Week 3. They fought to their 3-0 past some of the toughest teams they could have faced, all of whom were top 6 at the time.

In round one they beat the Sussex Offenders, already impressive for a team outside the top 8. Then in the second round they came up against UoB Storm, who were sitting happily atop the points table, and dethroned them. In round three they ran into veterans, Grey Warwick and beat them as well. Where this team was hiding in the first few weeks is anyone’s guess but they beat Storm, who in turn 2-0’d Aston the week before and will be looking to duplicate the feat.

Tune In and Watch!

Will the Aston Aunties come out on top or will they fall to Huddersfield White and be doomed to “Forever Second”? Tune into the NUEL stream at 6pm to catch the best-of-three match live!

~Peter ‘Aezure’ Dakin

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