Add players to your team after roster lock

Rosters get locked before each tournament so that opposing teams have the opportunity to scout before games and to avoid any ambiguity around who’s playing on that team. We understand that players sometimes can’t make it for whatever reason, so we have an “Emergency sub” system which allows teams to add 1 player to their roster once the rosters are locked.

Each tournament may have different rules so make sure you check the Rules section on the Tournament Page, this article is just for guidance.

When are rosters locked?

When rosters become locked depends on the tournament you’re competing in so check the tournament pages and captains docs for specifics.

How do I know if a roster is locked?

You can see if your roster is locked by visiting your team’s page and checking the message in the top left corner of the page.

When will my application be approved?

We’ll ensure that all valid roster changes are approved before a tournament begins, the tournament admins generally do this in a batch around 1-2 hours before the tournament starts.

What do I need to do to ensure my application is approved?

A valid request may change depending on the tournament that you’re playing in but generally the rules are:

  • 1 change per game
  • Changes must be submitted 1 hour prior to a match
  • Player can’t currently be on another team in the tournament (they can leave a team and join another)
  • Must have a verified NUEL account and valid IGN

Please note that the above is just for guidance and the actual rules maybe different depending on the tournament you’re playing in, you should reference the rules page to check if this is different.

How do I make a sub?

To make a request the player just joins the team as usual, they’ll appear under the roster in the “Pending Admin Approval” section of the tournament page, the change isn’t approved until the player appears in the main roster.


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