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A brand new university esports initiative with Amazon

Amazon, GGTech Entertainment and The NUEL are launching a pan-European university esports initiative. Keep reading to find out what this means for you and the future of The NUEL!

This initiative, supported by sponsorship from Amazon, will see us working closely with GGTech Entertainment (the Spanish university esports organisers). Together, we hope to develop new opportunities in esports for students across Europe.

As well as bigger and better tournaments, this includes plans to help students with careers, and talent development in collaboration with tournament partners. New partners will be announced over the next few months.

The Amazon University Esports logo.

Amazon University Esports will be supporting three main titles this split: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and the mobile title Clash Royale. The winning teams for League of Legends and TFT will go on to compete in international competitions (including UEM). Our Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow 6 Siege tournaments will also be sponsored by Amazon University Esports through this partnership.

The home of Amazon University Esports will be the state of the art facilities in Distrito Digital in Alicante, Spain. These facilities are also the headquarters of GGTech, the project lead. The location boasts an impressive broadcast studio which The NUEL will have access to for its own broadcasts.

Meanwhile, The NUEL will continue to be based out of the UK and with a focus on UK students.

Image of Distrito Digital, Alicante, Spain
The home of Amazon University Esports in Distrito Digital, Alicante, Spain

What does this mean for me?

In the short-term, not much will change from a player perspective. You’ll see a new logo displayed on the website and that’s about it! Furthermore, you’ll be able to take part in our first ever mobile tournament, Clash Royale.

In the long term, you may see more changes as we expand and take on new sponsors.

This partnership will give us more resources to put into our tournaments, broadcasts and community. Above all, this will lead to better experiences and more opportunities for students!

For press inquiries, please email Tasha Jones.

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