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Announcing Team NUEL 5

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After a hiatus the NUEL Superteam is back and better than ever. Featuring a new name: NUEL 5 and a new lineup of talented players and support staff from various universities around the country. The team is ready to dive back head-first into the ESL UK Premiership and challenge the top teams in the UK.


Top Lane: Viktorio – Loughborough University

Jungle: ShavenTortoise – University of Portsmouth

Mid Lane: LADT Rayunmort – Heriot-Watt University

Marksman: Droolz – University of Bath

Support: Mazrim – University of Bath

When asked about the new roster, the jungler and only member remaining from the old roster, ShavenTortoise, had this to say:

I believe with the recent changes we have now formed a team equal to, or even greater than, the previous roster. Keep an eye on us, we’ll be going places.”

Management Team

Team Manager: Bálint – University of Liverpool

Team Manager: Dowsey – Staffordshire University

Head Coach: Frozen Dawn – University of Reading

Assistant Coach/Analyst: Greasydrmeat – University of Edinburgh

The Head Coach, Frozen Dawn has previous experience coaching the Nottingham Bears ahead of their performance in Riot’s Summer Collegiate International Invitational. His assessment of the new team was:

“We have now formed our team of some of (if not the very best) players in the NUEL. From just a few practice sessions I have noticed that these players seem to have a natural inclination towards good communication and they all have the same macro-level playstyle. These are key components of every good team and allow me to focus on teaching the guys higher level strategy and refining their already strong game-sense. I am very confident that this team will shine during its remaining matches in the ESL Premiership.”

Finally, Team Manager Dowsey had this to say about the new lineup:

Bálint and I were given just one and half weeks to completely rebuild TheNUEL’s ESL UK Premiership team, a task that was labelled practically impossible. However, I believe that we’ve gone above and beyond to not only create a team, but a team has the potential to completely outperform their predecessors. We’ve setup a support structure around the players, to make sure their needs are met, and that they have all of the tools to show why they’re the elite players from The National Championship. Frozen Dawn has been instrumental in the limited time possible to making sure the team is getting the most out of their practice sessions, cementing the synergy needed to play at this level. We’ve managed to scout out and recruit a team of a much higher calibre then the last, and I really believe that this team will put up a fight in the weeks to come! Keep your eyes on these players!

You can see Team NUEL 5 in action tomorrow (Sunday 1st November) versus Choke Gaming at 14:00 on

~Peter ‘Aezure’ Dakin

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