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Announcing the NUEL Titans


The 2016 spring season of the ESL UK Premiership is soon to kick off. Last season they were the NUEL 5 but this season they feature a new name and a revamped roster. It is my great pleasure to present to you, the NUEL Titans.


I caught up with all of the members on the team to hear their thoughts on the roster and upcoming tournament.

princephilip top

My name is Philip Leung, from University of Warwick.

I played for Grey Warwick in the NUEL, got 4th last season and currently 3rd this season. Also, I played for a challenger team and got 3/4th in the ESL UK premiership first season.

Special note I was Challenger Season 3 and 5 for a period of time, and got recruited by Infused in season 5 and EP in season 3 (an LPL team during season 4 and season 6). I didn’t join because I wanted to focus on my study instead of going professional.

I hope to enjoy the games and have fun with this team. Also, I’ll try my best to win as many games as possible in the tournaments. Hopefully we can beat the top 3 teams in the UK with the help of our coaches.

larkin jungle

Hello my name is Alexandre “Larkïn” Kirchherr, I am a first year Economics student at the University of Surrey and I am the jungler for the NUEL Titans. I played for the team We Are Surrey, currently 21st in the National Championship.

My hope for this season is for the Titans to become a top 4 UK team.

rayunmort mid

Hello, I’m Marc “Rayunmort” Bertrandias and I am an exchange student at Heriot-Watt University in computer science and electronical engineering. I play midlane for the NUEL Titans.

In the past I have played for many French high elo teams, finishing 5th in one LAN and winning a few ESL Go4FrLoLs. More recently, I played mid lane for the NUEL5 after the former roster had fallen apart, setting a nice 3-1 record and only losing to Choke (we only had 3 days of practice).

After finishing 5th last split in the ESL UK premiership, I hope to re-qualify to the competition and break through to the top 4 in order to attend the playoffs. I hope and am pretty sure that the lineup will be stable in the coming split!

iukekeee adc2

I am quite happy where I am at the moment in terms of my teammates and the management I am surrounded by. I have high expectations of my team going into the ESL UK Premiership; looking to firstly qualify and then achieve a top 4 placement. Some people around the UK scene may look at us as a bottom 8 team, but I think having the right mentality that a lot of UK teams lack and Nutri coaching us we can be the ones to cause an upset or two. It won’t be easy by any means as there is some solid competition out there, but with consistent practice we will look to make the NUEL following proud.

For those unaware of my past experience as a player I was on the old Enigma roster achieving Challenger 5s 200-300LP. I’ve been on a few other rosters that’ve been high Diamond 5s, but nothing worth going into further detail. I’ve coached at Team Alternate, and also captained and competed in NUEL through De Montfort University.

support outrage

Hi, I’m Karl. The support for NUEL Titans and currently I’m studying business at UWE.

I’ve previously played with UWE Victory for a season, subbed this year with UWE Flash Wolves and attended LAN events such as Best of the South West. I’m hoping to be competitive within the ESL and determined to be one of the strongest supports within the league. If this doesn’t happen, blame my ADC!


Supplementing the roster is a revamped support team, including a new coach following the departure of Frozen Dawn.

Team Manager:  NUEL Balint

Last season was about finishing strong. This season is about building for the future. With that in mind we’re creating Titans to grow and support a number of projects  in the future. For now we’re happy to be announcing and fielding a strong unified team, of current and previous NUEL Players, to give a strong showing in the ESL UK Premiership.  

We’re saying a fond goodbye to Frozen Dawn and wish him all the glory on the rift and expect to see him on the LCS stage soon!

We’ll be expanding our support staff,  so far bringing in Nutri with a high level of game knowledge to help grow the players understanding, and Arctic Mammoth to make sure the players are getting the right level of mental support.

There’s a tough road ahead in the Promotions, but the team stands in a strong position to perform well there and beyond.

Coach: Nutri

I’ve been competing in the UK scene since Insomnia49 and have placed in the top 3 for every insomnia after that – placing first in 3 of those. I really hope that together with the NUEL Titans line-up we can make it through the re-promotion process. I’ll be doing my best to help the team achieve this goal.

Life Coach: Arctic Mammoth

It’s been my pleasure to work with the team as a ‘life coach’ for the last few months. In the team i work with the players to help sort out any issues they are experiencing and iron out any difficulties that may crop up. I am extremely excited to see where this team can go and have high hopes for their success this season!


The qualifiers for the promotion tournament to the ESL UK Premiership are now well under way, but the NUEL Titans get to skip those. They will début in the Promotion Tournament on the 13th/14th of February to fight for their spot in the Premiership Spring Season. Joining them there will be top teams from the qualifiers as well as teams from last season including TCA, Paria and ladder winners MnM.

~Peter ‘Aezure’ Dakin

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