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Aston’s Annihilation: Who Can Stop Them?

NUEL caster and Head of Broadcast Dezachu charts the meteoric rise of the Aston Aunties

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This Summer Tournament has been one of the best we’ve ever had. For the first time we’ve rolled out CS:GO and LoL side-by-side which also gave rise to the opportunity for Aston University to claim the top spot in both! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for the CS:GO squad in their match-up against Loughborough, but for the boys on the Rift it was another dominating performance as they comfortably beat out Bath’s Droolio & The Gang.

After making short work of the National Championship title at NUEL Live in March, they went on to finish second in the University eSports Masters series (boo Portugal, boo), an impressive feat for our relatively small UK university scene. We’ve seen some fantastic teams over the years – Nottingham, Cambridge, Birmingham and even Manchester have fielded some great teams but there’s something magical about the current lineup at Aston that makes you question if any of the NUEL greats from the past could stack up against them.

J3T profile

When the enemy team doesn’t ban Nidalee

We could be here all day analysing the lineup but I have to pin much of their success down to J3T, their Master tier jungler. After being picked up by TCA he remains unarguably one of the greatest players the NUEL has ever seen and it’s easy to see why – woe betide any team that lets him pick Nidalee! It’s not like he’s easy to ban out either as his diverse champion pool always keeps the enemy team guessing. Without him I imagine we’d see the same weaknesses in Aston that we see in many others, namely the necessity to succeed in the early game or GG – but when J3T’s prowling the jungle so dominantly the chance for error is slim.

The question now is what happens next for Aston? With one member graduating, another playing in the ESL Premiership and final year fast approaching for the limelight-loving captain MSR, could we see Aston bow out from the higher echelons of the NUEL? We’ll have to wait and see.


Derry “Dezachu” Holt
NUEL caster and Head of Broadcast

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