Calling all heroes! Overwatch Winter Championship launch imminent

With October well and truly upon us it’s time for a brand new season of the National University Esports League. And for your first chance to compete in Overwatch!

Join the Fight!

Ready? Don’t forget your checklist before you enter the fray:

  • Make a NUEL account here
  • Link your battle.net account to your NUEL account
  • Create or Join a team at your university on the “Sign up to play” page found here
  • If you created the team give your teammates the “team password” found on your team’s profile page. If you are joining a team go to the “Sign up to play” page and enter the team password to join.
  • Compete. Once you have 6 people signed up AND have their university email verified AND have the correct battle.net account linked, you are ready to play!


1st Place: £30 Battle.net giftcards and a NUEL hoodie for each player

2nd Place: £20 Battle.net giftcards and a NUEL hoodie for each player

3rd Place: £10 Battle.net giftcards and a NUEL hoodie for each player


With this being our first ever Overwatch tournament we are capping the maximum number of teams that can compete to 64.

Qualification Phase

Signup Deadline: Monday 24th October

Start Date: Thursday 27th October

Duration: 4 weeks

Type: Modified Swiss

For the first 4 weeks, the 64 teams will be competing in a Swiss format, each of them playing 3 best-of-ones per week. Your finishing position after the 4 weeks will be used to determine placements into the Spring tournament and the top 8 teams will qualify to compete in the Elimination Phase.

Elimination Phase

Start Date: 24th November

Duration: 3 weeks

Type: Single Elimination

For the last 3 weeks the top 8 teams compete in a single elimination bracket to determine the Overwatch Winter champions. The quarter and semi finals will be best-of-threes and the final will be a best-of-five.

Got a question?

If you need a question answering or have any issues signing up get in touch with us by:

  • Sending an email to issues@thenuel.com
  • Joining and posting in our Facebook group here

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