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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 3

And so we’ve arrived at what is already the third week of the Overwatch Campus Clash. For this week, we had the pleasure of following the best of three matches of IC9 LUL, from Imperial College London and .exe unresponsive, from the University of Exeter. These games were casted by the impeccably and spookily dressed roooc (@rooocgg) and vowels (@vowelsgg).

Imperial College London’s IC9 LUL

IC9 LUL first faced off against Y E E T, hailing from Staffordshire University.

IC9 LUL, a veteran team of the NUEL, are previously known for their mastery of dive compositions. However, with the current meta being fairly unfriendly to dive, they have been required to switch up their strategy. On Lijiang Tower, the first map, that strategy relies on a DPS combo of Doomfist and Sombra while Y E E T goes for GOATS (triple tank/triple support composition).  The initial clash goes in the favor of Y E E T, despite MissFortune’s Doomfists best efforts. Praise goes out to Jellis’ Zarya, who seems to always be hovering around 90% energy charge and stays alive consistently throughout not only the first fight, but also the subsequent ones. IC9 LUL gets no real opportunity to play some Overwatch on Lijiang Command Center.

Y E E T start off similarly strong on Night Market, with Jellis obtaining Barrage by the end of the very first skirmish. After reaching 90%, IC9 LUL mounts a final offense which, despite a triple kill from a second Barrage, is successful in recapturing the point – a chance, perhaps, for IC9 LUL to turn the game around. Unfortunately, a supposed miscommunication around an early EMP with a lack of followup, followed by a great third Barrage (we keep coming back to these Barrages, don’t we?) means that Y E E T is able to win the fight, recapture the point and take the first map in the series.

For our second match, taking place in the rustic and soothing environment of the lovely Italian village Rialto, Y E E T start off by aggressively brawling their way through the entirety of IC9 LUL. However, ICL has had enough of getting Barraged to death. They are able to win the second fight, finally punish Jellis for his aggressive positioning and retake the payload, thanks to a great early Earthshatter coming out from RLYXV2. While the story of the first map was Jellis’ ability to hit his Barrages, on Rialto IC9 show that they can adapt and overcome, as they also hold off the follow-up attack. Lood on DVA is particularly instrumental in mitigating the threat that Jellis puts out. With that, Y E E T are unable to push the payload to the first point, which bodes well for IC9.

IC9, after seeing how well their first round went, decide to make the match a little more exciting by injecting an offensive Bastion into the mix. It doesn’t work. What does seem to work initially is the switch to McCree. Combined with MissFortune’s Pharah, the pair are able to shoot Jellis out of the sky, prompting a push. However, Y E E T are more than ready for that, and they unleash a Graviton Surge-Earthshatter combo that decimates the offense. All of a sudden, IC9 have only 1.5 minutes left on the clock. Another attack from them gets held of handily and, while the first round looked so promising, they are unable to match the distance traveled by Y E E T. With that, Y E E T lead the series 2-0.

On Volskaya Industries, when it all looks dire, IC9 go back to their roots. They opt into a new and improved dive composition, flexing a Sombra and Doomfist combo. Y E E T have a similar idea, but they opt into the more classic style of dive with Genji and Tracer. The classic cocktail seems to be superior, as Y E E T gets the capture on their first attempt. However, they are met with a lot more resistance on the second point, as MissFortune’s Doomfist picks up a couple of kills and stifles the snowball. In response, Pulse switches to Doomfist  and shows that he is no slouch on it either, diving deep into the enemy backline.  In this flurry of Doomfisticuffs, MissFortune takes the edge and dismantles a supposedly final push from Y E E T with a well-timed double kill on Ana and Lucio. In response, Pulse starts off the next fight with a double-kill on IC9. This, combined with Jellis’ damage output on Soldier and Evy staying alive, is enough to cap the second point for Y E E T.

Now on defense, Staffordshire pulls out the defensive Widowmaker. With Pulse still on the Doomfist and Jellis providing long range fire support, IC9 is having a tough time pushing through. It also highlights the core issue they are having with Y E E T: any time you are able to deal with one of their threats, another person steps up to carry that weight. Even when Jellis doesn’t hit anyone with his Pulse Bomb, Evy will find a two man Self-Destruct.

Strong performance from IC9 LUL regardless, as facing off against a top 500 player would make a lot of teams look a lot worse, and congratulations to Y E E T for taking a 3-0 victory over IC9 LUL.

Favorite Play of the Night: Although they didn’t win in the end, Rasputin3000 Coalescence nets .exe unresponsive one of the more convincing teamfight wins, and I’m always a huge fan of big support plays. Honorable mention for UC9’s Zenyatta, 쿰쿰이,) and his nano-boosted carnage on Blizzard World.

Player to watch: Another night, another contender for best Widowmaker. Acekebabs came up huge for UC9, and I’d love to see him face off against the previously mentioned Widowmakers to see who comes out on top.

University of Exeter’s .exe responsive

And on that note, we move to the second series of the night! .exe unresponsive from the University of Exeter face of against UC9 from University College London.

First map of the night will be Blizzard World, where .exe opens with a triple-support, double-tank and Soldier76 composition versus a double-sniper opening from UC9. As we saw last week, double-sniper can be highly effective and this week it holds the first push admirably. However, .exe quickly retaliate with a Widowmaker of their own and Snoweater takes down both snipers on the opposition. Regardless, a great Earthshatter from Freefeel means it isn’t enough to win the fight. Eventually, due to a great Biotic Grenade from Riceybeme, .exe win the fight and cap the first point.


From there, it is a back and forth fight to slowly push the payload. .exe get held off indefinitely when a slew of ultimates is thrown at them on overtime. Just over one minute is the goal for UC9 as they switch to offense.

UC9 use their double-sniper composition to easily get to the payload on their first push and, with that, they start their second round on Blizzard World strongly. Off the back of a great Graviton Surge and a hyperaggressive nano-boosted Zenyatta, UCL pushes through without any issues, ending the game with a Dragonstrike and an Earthshatter still in the bank.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: Anubis sees the same double-sniper composition from UC9 on defense, only with FreeFeel on Orisa. .exe go for GOATS. The Orisa proves instrumental in enabling Dragonstrike combos, and UC9 look dominating at the start of Anubis. After some solid coordination from .exe, they are able to capture the first point and try to immediately go for the snowball. Acekebabs’ Doomfist and a timely Transcendence allow UC9 to up the tempo. However, .exe still has a sizeable time-bank and a devastating Coalescense from Rasputin3000 nets them the cap of the second point.

On offense, double sniper gets pulled out once again by UC9 and it proves successful in the early stages of the map, although Snoweater’s Reaper almost throws a wrench in their plans. Unlike .exe, UC9 can maintain their tempo, and they easily snowball their first push into a full cap on Anubis.

.exe are unable to gain a foothold on their second offense, and that clears the road for an easy offense for UC9, as they still have almost 6 minutes left. They don’t even need that time, as they cap it within the minute. With that, UCL takes the 2-0 lead over the University of Exeter.

The final map of the night is Lijiang Tower, starting off in Gardens. .exe look revitalized in the first skirmish, turning a ultimate deficit into a win regardless, netting them a comfortable 99% percent lead until UC9  wrestleback the point. However, even a lead that big doesn’t mean much if you can’t win that final fight, and RomanSparta’s Hanzo picks up several kills to win them the round.

Control Center provides the final chance for .exe to claim a win for themselves, and they start off strong with a 54% lead. However, as we saw last round, a lead means nothing if you can’t follow it up. They are able to recapture the point after a series of skirmishes, getting to 94% – so close to winning the round! Unfortunately for them, UC9 is having none of it, decisively winning a final teamfight and showing how they secured that 3-0 score.

With that, we conclude the match recap for week 3! Congratulations to the winners, well played to all teams, and make sure to tune in next monday for the next round of the Overwatch Campus Clash.


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