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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 1

Hello everyone! I’m Chronicler, one of the OW casters for the NUEL this year. I will be writing weekly recaps of the matches shown on stream, and as time progresses, some interesting trends and performances in the Swiss Stage of the Overwatch Campus Clash.

This week saw a fight to the top between 146 teams as they played four best-of-ones, each on a predetermined map. Our first recap covers the matches streamed on the 15th of October, as casted by the lovely Blank and John Allen.

Newcastle’s Pachimari Infernos

We watched Newcastle’s Pachimari Infernos for the first two games of the night, starting off versus Manchester’s The Leftovers on Nepal.

With a strong start from Manchester, they were able to get up to 98 percent on Shrine through good positioning and proactive play to prevent pushes from Newcastle. However, when Phinn and Sophinator (Winston and Pharah respectively) are able to pick up a double the tide turns with a subsequent snowballed fight. On the next push, Sophinator with Wavedash’s (the second half of the Pharmercy) backup is also able to turn around the fight with a well placed Barrage. After Loz’ self destruct blows up the final push from Manchester and Stav’s valiant one-man stand on the point is insufficient, Village goes to the Infernos.

Interestingly enough, the second match proceeds to go exactly the same way – a dominating first push teamfight and solid defensive play allows Manchester to build up a 99% point advantage in Shrine. Following an extended fight, the Infernos are able to recap the point in overtime. All follow-up pushes from Manchester get dismantled through effective ultimate usage (Devn’s Pulse Bomb and Loz’ Self-destructs in particular), and in the end Manchester is not even given the opportunity to contest for an overtime opportunity. Solid 2-0 from Newcastle to start of the night.

Now to the forests of Germany, where the Infernos take on Southampton’s Alex’s Angels.

While their initial push gets stifled, Southampton is able to capture the first point with almost 2 minutes left on the timer. Although initially their push seems to acquire some tempo, Funnynin (Widowmaker) comes up as an MVP for the Angels as they approach the bridge, left-clicking on Newcastle’s heads with reckless abandon. This, in turn, leaves them free to save all their big cooldowns for the final push towards the throne. A Dragiton surge from Swagneto and Dr. Wenson (Hanzo and Zarya respectively) and a final snipe from Funnynin on Phinn’s Riptire leaves Southampton with a comfortable 3 minute time bank and a full push on their Eichenwalde assault.

In response, Newcastle switches to a tried-and-true GOATS composition. However, their first two pushes get held back as they are unable to really get at the DPS of Southampton, allowing Swagneto and Funnynin to DPS to their heart’s content and the backline to over-extend. In the end they are able to chew through the Angels’ frontline and capture the first point. Unable to progress under the bridge, the Infernos gets pushed back, giving Funnynin the space to pick off multiple targets. The final push of Newcastle gets demolished by a great Earthshatter from Bloodwing, netting Southampton’s Alex’ Angels the win.

Favorite player of the night: Penguinodoom, exclusively because of his name. Give this man a spork!

Player to watch: I’m curious to see whether or not Funnynin can maintain that level of Widow play as the weeks progress – if so, we’re in for a treat.

Sheffield Hallam’s SHUnghai Dragons

After the break, we left Newcastle’s Pachimari Infernos behind and move to Sheffield Hallam University’s SHUnghai Dragons versus Overooof of Keele University.

Due to Holiwhirl wreaking havoc on Pharah and all-around consistent defense from Sheffield, Overooof is unable to push the payload to the first point. On the return push, they are equally unable to match what Sheffield is throwing at them. As mentioned by Blank: the SHUnghai Dragons clearly don’t take after their namesake team, instead earning their first victory on Rialto.

The final game of the night saw the Dragons compete against Manchester Metropolitan University’s MMUseless on Volskaya.

Again, this game was dominated by a Pharah – but contrary to expectations it was not Holiwhirl piloting the Pharah. Instead, it was MMU’s Mahdondez who, without a healer, was able to pick up a double-kill right from the get-go, allowing the rest of his team to snowball the first and second point. Although the Dragons were able to stall for a while on the second point, they were constantly fighting losing battles and in the end a luxurious five minutes and thirty seconds were available for MMUseless.

SHUnghai, determined to not go down without a fight, are able to cap the first point after an extended struggle to push through the initial gate and chew through the MMUseless team. We then see a repeat from the first round, where the Dragons are able to quickly get onto point B, and then continuously take favorable trades until they capture the point with almost four minutes left on the clock.

Holiwhirl, supposedly unhappy with Mahdondez’s attempt to steal the title of ‘Best Pharah’, decides to come back with a vengeance when the Dragons attack, allowing them to capture both point A and B much faster this time. In the end, it looks like the SHUnghai Dragons were able to adapt to the aggression from MMUseless, holding point A for five and a half minutes to pick up a second victory.

All in all a great night of Overwatch! Make sure to check back later this week for the next recap of the Overwatch Campus Clash.


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