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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 2

Another week, another recap! The two teams we followed this week were Team Trash, from the University of Nottingham and Team Tempura from the University of Manchester. This week we were served two spicy best-of-threes, as opposed to last week where we spectated four of best-of-ones. This week’s games were casted by Crossy and yours truly.

The University of Nottingham’s Team Trash

First on stream, we saw Team Trash face off against Manchester Metropolitan University’s MMUseless.

On Eichenwalde, the first map of our first series, MMUseless started off strong right out the gates, securing the first point without experiencing much resistance. Same as last week, Mahdondez’ Pharah provided a consistent DPS threat that is hard to match and the rest of his team gladly capitalizes on that.

Although they hold off the first push from MMU, Team Trash has an incredibly difficult time dealing with everything thrown at them and are unable to hold the bridge. On the back of ReadyPlayerOne’s Earthshatter, they are able to make a stand but MMUseless eventually pull through and push the payload all the way to the throne.

Trash start off their attack with a switch to a dive-heavy composition of Winston (RCSE) and DVA (ReadyPlayerOne), backed up by the double hitscan of Soldier76 (ToughMudderh) and Widow (Currymonster), seemingly finding an answer to Pharah, the flying menace of MMU. When they get held back, they switch away from the dive but are met with limited success – in the end, Team Trash is unable to push past the Arc and Eichenwalde goes to MMUseless.

King’s Row could have provided an opportunity for Team Trash to recuperate, but MMU were having none of that and brought out the GOATS on attack. Turns out, GOATS is strong (you heard it here first); MMUseless stomp through King’s Row, looking pretty much unstoppable. When on the offense themselves, Team Trash is unable to chew through the defense, and things are looking dire as they drop to an 0-2 deficit.

This feeling was exacerbated by their start on Blizzard World, featuring an offensive Symmetra which wasn’t particularly effective. However, Trash keeps their heads held high and some great Reaper play from Porter and Currymonster’s Widowmaker starts a snowball that sees them to the very end of Blizzard World. Trash looks revitalized, and hold MMUseless’ offense for quite a long time. However, once MMU finds their groove again, they are able to push through slowly but steadily to the final point.

With a minute left for Trash and no time in the bank for MMUseless, they are given a chance to take a map off of their opponents. Despite their best efforts, a minute is too short for them to build up some steam and we end up with a draw on Blizzard World!

Fortunately for Team Trash (and you lucky viewers), that means we get a tiebreaker map: Ilios! We see Pharahs and Lucios aplenty on Lighthouse – Kernelpad can’t get enough of knocking people off. Trash doesn’t go down without a fight though, and Porter’s Reaper rears its skull-faced head again to great success. Although MMUseless hit 99%, it is Trash that take the first round on Illios.

On Ruins, Currymonster’s Widow shines brightly, they get a 60% lead and are so, so close to taking the map and clinch a win in the series… but a switch to Winston/DVA from MMUseless, combined with TheShahulas Tracer, quickly shatters that dream. Now it all comes down to Well to see whether or not Trash’s efforts will get rewarded.
They did not, in fact, get rewarded. Despite a 99% lead, Trash, in the end, fall to MMuseless might and lose the series 3-0. But man, did they come close.

Favorite Play of the Night: Really hard time deciding between Funnynin deflecting a Deadeye, and then proceeding to 1v3 the enemy backline with a Dragonstrike; and Silver using a Mei wall to elevate his teammate out of a Graviton-Dragonstrike combo.

Player to watch: Funnynin maintained his Widowplay (and showed his Genji is scary), but is proven not to be impervious to Voidboy’s shots. The player to watch this week is Silver, whose Mei pocket-pick worked wonders on Rialto – hope we see more of these surprise picks out of him!

Team Tempura of the University of Manchester

After a short break we move onto our second series of the night, featuring Team Tempura, from the University of Manchester and Alex’s Angels from Southampton University.

On King’s Row, Team Tempura manages to hold off the push from Alex’s Angels’ double-sniper composition, something we saw them run last week as well. Eventually, on the back of a nice snipe on the somewhat preemptive Riptire, they capture the payload and push through the second point. Here, the solid use of defensive ultimates by Team Tempura, particularly Wowapples’ Transcendence, slows down the game further. Unfortunately, after the cap of the 3rd point we start seeing the pressure output by the Angels prove to be too much, as Team Tempura start to overextend. The result is a full push with 2.5 minutes left in the bank.

In response, Team Tempura switches to GOATS, but is met with arrows and sniper shots surging towards them as Alex’s Angels run double sniper once again. It is not until Voidboy picks up the Widow of his own and Tsuki takes down Bloodwing’s Reinhardt, that Team Tempura is able to snowball the fight into their favor and capture the payload. Tempura showcases some great hero-switching, always keeping Alex’s Angels on their toes, but they keep getting outbrawled. In overtime they get close with a nice Graviton-strike from Tsuki and Voidboy (Zarya and Hanzo, respectively), but it’s not enough to route Southampton – King’s Row goes to Alex’s Angels.

Onto Rialto, where Bloodwing gives a small masterclass in how to hammer away at your opponent. Alex’s Angels’ fighting remains consistent, with particular praise to Zamorocian whose Biotic Grenades turned many a fight. As on King’s Row, we see some Widow versus Widow coming out and, on the back of that, Team Tempura gets stalled for a fairly long amount of time. In the end, only a short minute is left in their timebank.

That minute ends up not even being relevant, as the Angels are unable to push through. This was in no small part due to Silver’s Mei play, which was a great situational pick. The Angels were again relying on double sniper, and between Hyd’s shields and Silver’s walls, their sight lines were severely limited. Furthermore, Rialto’s small corridors and great number of arches provided Silver with ample opportunity to wall off overzealous members of the Angels. In conjunction with the Blizzards available to them, Tempura are able to continuously stall all advances and take Rialto.

And with both teams taking a map, we move to the final map of the night: Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Alex’s Angels show that they can also play other compositions at a similar level, showcasing a goo’ old dive composition on defense. Team Tempura, on the other hand, shows that they have elevated their play as the night progressed, as they are able to counterdive and brawl successfully against the Angels. They push through slowly but steadily past the first two points, but start spreading out a little too much on the final point. With two minutes left on the clock, they are finally able to win a fight decisively and push extremely close to the end of the map. Unfortunately for them, the Angels recuperate, and with a Nano-boosted Dragonblade and some key frags from Swagneto and Dr. Wenson, they get pushed off the payload and are unable to get back on there for the remainder of the round.

The final push has the Angels starting of with a similar dive composition as we saw on defense. Following consecutive holds from Team Tempura, they swap it up a number of times, but it is not until Funnynin is back on the Widow and Auralexion switches to the Brigitte that they are able to push through the defense. An extended fight on the top of the suspended plane sees Funnynin assert his dominance by killing Voidboy for the second time in a row, with the frontline of Dr. Wenson and Bloodwing giving him the space to shoot freely.
The momentum generated by the Angels proves to be too much, and they take a decisive victory in the end. Final score of the night: Team Tempura 1, Alex’s Angels 2.

Great pocket-picks, a draw, teams fighting till the bitter end, and, like last week, a whole gaggle of Widowmakers conclude a great night of the NUEL Overwatch Campus Clash. Don’t forget to tune in this monday for more Overwatch!


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