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Clash Royale Spring 2020 – The Top 3

It’s time to look back on the NUEL’s inaugural Clash Royale tournament. Eight weeks of clutch fireballs, MVP hog riders, and zapping the king tower in sadness. Who reigned victorious in our first mobile tournament?


The king of Clash Royale this split – JJLegend of the University of Kent has taken the crown in all seven weeks so far. The clan leader, who opted for the unimaginative team name “JJLegend”, was notoriously difficult to take down. In his firm place at the top, he only lost a handful of matches throughout the entire tournament.

In Week 7, JJ lost his only best of three match when facing SupB. However, he bounced back with a vengeance when returning to the grand finals through lower bracket victories. The W7 crown was won by JJ, despite SupB boasting a one point headstart.


“Just a Game Why You Mad”, also known as SupBZachary of Coventry University, was JJ’s biggest opponent. The two faced off countless times, and SupB came in second place a whopping five times. Week 8 is around the corner, will SupB continue his unfortunate streak, or could he overcome the JJ powerhouse?

Almighty Harry

The underdog of the three, “All Are Mighty” of Newcastle University, started off very strong. Harry was one of our best players in our first few weeks of the tournament, however unfortunately fell to new blood such as SOPROBRO and crookie14.

Tune in for Week 8 of our tournament today at 6.45 PM, and the finals on April 12 at 3 PM BST. Our exciting finals will feature the four top players vying for £500 of prizes. All at twitch.tv/theNUEL!

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