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[CLOSED] Community Games Coordinator

We are seeking a coordinator to help develop our Community Games program. This role will consist of setting up and running multiple game servers for the community and running community events and activities across the servers. You’ll have to be up to date with which new popular updates/games are up and coming and help to decide which games to host events for.

The ideal candidate has a passion for multiple games, building communities, and has excellent communication and discord skills; with a track record of working inside an online community. The role will work closely with the Community Programs Director and the rest of the community team; as well as actively engaging and building our discord community.


Control and manage a variety of game servers:

  • Determine the best use of a server budget
  • Create engaging and fun events/activities on each game server
  • Decide a schedule for which games to run
  • Recruit and manage a moderator team, who will admin the server

Help create NUEL community nights:

  • Communicate with the community.
  • Determine which games are popular which we do not already support.
  • Track new releases and potential popular updates.
  • Host community nights once a week for popular/new games.
  • Liaise with NUEL Broadcast team to provide casters/observers for community nights.


  • Must have a wide knowledge of a variety of games
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Be independently motivated but also work well in a team.
  • Knowledge of the UK university scene.
  • Have a positive attitude!

Nice to Have

  • Previous admin experience
  • Already an active member within the student esports scene
  • Previous experience within society committees or other esports groups.
  • Experience in running game servers.
  • Previous customer service experience.

Please email with a breakdown of relevant experience and a short paragraph on why you think you’d be good for the role.  Applications will close Sept 2nd.

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