Competitive Ruling – Big Milkies

On August 23rd, the NUEL received evidence of team Big Milkies from Staffordshire University fielding players in their roster that were not from the university through several weeks of the Overwatch Summer Tournament. Further reports were made of active attempts to hide this activity by requesting in-game name changes to accounts not associated with the player requesting the change.

The NUEL requires full rosters to be from one university as we believe this is the spirit that drives university competitions, allowing long lasting friendships and communities to be built at each university. Breaking these rules results in immediate disqualification from our tournaments, pending further investigations. 

Following an investigation the reports were proven true with an addition of guilty admissions from the members of the team involved, combined with the aggravating factors of active attempts of covering up such activities shows the guilty nature of the parties.

Further aggravating factors taken into consideration include the offending team being at the playoff stage of the tournament, actively impacting other teams abilities to progress and win prizes from the NUEL and Blizzard Entertainment. As well as players continued unsportsmanlike conduct after the discovery.


  • As of Monday 27th of August, team Big Milkies were disqualified for the remainder of the Overwatch Summer Tournament 2018 ran by the NUEL
  • The 6 active roster members from August 23rd are banned from participating in the NUEL tournaments for one year until the winter split of 2019.
  • The team captain is responsible for the integrity of their roster, and knowingly subverted the rules, and is therefore banned for an additional tournament cycle until the summer of 2020.

Sportsman like conduct is vital for all of the NUEL, and we will investigate all reports thoroughly and to the best of our ability. Please report any violations of rules or misconduct to deanish@thenuel.com or the admins on a tournament night.

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