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The Final Four – CS:GO’s Top Competitors

After an exciting season, 155 teams have been narrowed down to the best 4. In the run-up to today’s exciting series, we give you analyses of the remaining teams and a few words from each to their competitors. UWE Sea Stags currently stands at the top of the winner’s bracket and Swan Patrol await either UEA ConcreteStrike or Bath A to fight for the other finals spot.

UEA ConcreteStrike

Puggy and aggressive, UEA are a scrappy team who don’t need set plays and pieces to annihilate the competition. ConcreteStrike have the skill and pragmatism to pull off the most high risk, high reward tactics they can come up with on the spot, because “if we don’t know what strategies we will run in the game, then how can the other team anti-strat us?” With star player and IGL (In-Game Leader) CHNewMan making the clutch plays, UEA are good on a bad day and unstoppable when they’re feeling good. Knocked down into the lower bracket by Swan Patrol earlier in the tournament, they look forward to cleaning up Bath before taking their revenge in the loser’s finals.

Don’t underestimate us or you’ll pay the consequences. But generally as Griffin put it: “everyone left in the tournament except us are bots.”


Bath A

Bath have had the most success in recent history of the 4 teams. After a close 2nd place finish in Winter 2018, they’ve made a top 10 finish in every NUEL Counter Strike championship ever since. With a solid record and a team of star players, Bath set the tone early and dominate the rest of the match. Whether the tempo’s fast or slow, once Bath get into a flow they’re hard to beat. Shot called by NUEL veteran KAON who’s played in the tournament since 2018, Bath are gunning for the top and the only rivals they see are UWE.

In terms of other teams, I think the only challenge where we’ve only bested them once in a BO1 is UWE.


Swan Patrol

With MVP Tense sporting some of the best stats in the entire tournament, Lincoln are ready to kick down whoever comes to challenge them for their Grand Finals spot. But Tense isn’t the only mechanical beast on the team, with the highest average headshot accuracy of teams, they’re all well versed in clicking on people’s heads. Having dropped only 3 maps all season, 2 of which were to rivals UWE, Swan Patrol are already at a top 3 team and look forward to bringing that up to top 1.

We individually are probably the strongest team.


UWE Sea Stags

The team to beat, UWE made the upper bracket run and secured their place in the Grand Finals early on. Boasting highest average kills per map and K/D (Kill-Death-ratio) of the 4 teams, the Sea Stags get in your head, force you to make mistakes and capitalise in full. While the team is perfectly capable of just going in, taking map control and fragging out they do have a couple set plays up their sleeves for any teams unfortunate enough to warrant it. Featuring a roster full of personality and confidence in both their mechanics and analytics, UWE look to close out the tournament with one final win. 

We back ourselves in the finals and we are expecting them to put up a good game


With such a wide breadth of talent and personality, the tournament has shaped up to be one the most competitive yet . We wish all 6 teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing them compete.

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