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CS:GO Spring Championship Week 6 and Lower Bracket Final Recap

Week 6 saw the semi-final between LUGES red (Lancaster University) and Derby CS:GO.

With the tournament drawing to a close, all remaining teams must be feeling the pressure of these knockout stages. Especially the case with lower bracket teams who have no second chances, once they’re out, they’re out for good.


Map 1 – Mirage

Trap plays it very cool. LUGES fail to check the corner of b aps balcony and take 2 causalities because of it. Letting them pass, Trap gets two quick p2000 headshots on LUGES who attempt a B site take. Trap also takes down the last two Derby players in the next round in similar fashion.

In the following rounds LUGES get their guns and also their stranglehold on the game. Looking confident, they enter every firefight as though they don’t know how to lose it and because of this they take 3 rounds without reply. A crippled economy after a fourth round reset leaves the semi-armoured Derby side at the mercy of LUGES’s rifles but their intelligent play and gun scavenging helps them to take the seventh round. They sneak behind Derby taking out Astonex and Bugzy simultaneously and defuse the bomb with 0.1 seconds to detonation.

LUGES respond with a deathly quick A take, on the site inside thirty seconds. Some smart interplay between Kenzuh and Bugzy allows them to kill the three blinded Derby players, tying the match at 4-4.

LUGES were prolific in their first half, and it was their first half without any doubt. They close it out 10-5 after a streak of consecutive wins which they take into their CT side effortlessly taking the first 4 rounds.

At 14-5 Derby knew that it was time to show up, Trap’s AWP entry onto Bugzy crossing into connector paved the way for a quick A take, getting the bomb down with a two-man advantage. After a coordinated retake from LUGES nearly paying off, Elmo saves his team, launching himself out of palace to kill both the defuser and Thrillhunter to claim Derby’s sixth round win.

It is in vain however, LUGES restore their winning ways by taking the following two rounds and one of Derby’s favourite maps.


MAP 2 – Inferno

The map starts with a Derby win on the pistol round following a nice 3k and bomb plant from Su10kt. But the second round didn’t go as smoothly as Derby would have expected; Bugzy wielded the CZ-75 to devastating effect, producing some very spectator-friendly kills including an impressive twitch shot onto the, albeit weakened, Perky. LUGES demonstrated their quality as a team, taking A site but effective and disciplined Galil play from Aps by Jortz held off all defuse attempts.

On the first full gun round of the game, Derby made a very slow approach to A, only giving themselves 30 seconds to clear the site and plant. This was always going to be difficult against a good team with all men alive and Perky’s attempts at a fake on B were futile, LUGES predicted the attack and mopped up Derby quickly, taking minimal damage. Refusing to learn from their mistakes, Derby attempted the exact same play two rounds later, again with no success.

In the eleventh round, with the score 6-4 in favour of LUGES, the stubborn men from the East Midlands employ their strategy again but this time with some degree of success. Dropping two men in the process, Derby manage to clear A site and plant. A patient AWP shot onto Bugzy forces Lorenzo to save his M4. The two remaining Derby players do die from the bomb’s explosion leaving them AWP-less going into the next round. The score is left at 6-5 but it doesn’t reflect the feel of the game which is reminiscent of the Overpass match, LUGES looked like the better team.

That was the last round Derby won of the half, switching sides at 9-5. Derby weren’t playing poorly but LUGES did look the smarter team in every play and approach they executed.

Little to report on the second half, LUGES took all six rounds and never allowed Derby to hold on to a decent economy, after taking the only gun round from them, Derby force-bought the following rounds out of necessity. Congratulations to LUGES, they will face LU:CS (Loughborough) in the lower bracket final.


Lower bracket final

This series was thrilling form start to finish with both maps going right to the last rounds, neither team ever looked comfortable. It felt as though every round was a labour, tiring every player mentally and physically which made for some really intense, edge-of-the-seat counter-strike.

LUGES did however emerge victorious, clinching victory from Loughborough hands both times to take the series 2-0. They will face 2ez5u from De Montfort University in the grand final.


– Connor Jones

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