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CS:GO University Championship: Varsity Week 7

It’s been an interesting week in the world of university Counter-Strike this week. Here’s a recap of all the action in this week’s varsity series.

This week we saw two lower bracket matches in which four teams were fighting for the chance to keep on going in the CSGO University Championship. The winners of each game would be just two wins away from reaching the Grand Finals. The losers would be eliminated from the tournament.

Let’s begin with Portsmouth NUEL vs Bath A. Bath were certainly the favourites coming into this series due to their 2nd place finish in the last NUEL season, but would the individual skill from Portsmouth be enough to overcome them? The Veto started off with Bath’s pick of Mirage, Followed by Portsmouth’s Overpass with Cache as the potential decider. A triple kill from ric0 helped Bath secure the pistol but Portsmouth immediately replied with a force-buy victory in the second round. From then on, Portsmouth dominated their CT side ending the half 12-3 with star players jby and Kneil putting up 19 and 17 kills respectively. Bath did manage to secure the next pistol and the subsequent round. However, Despite and Impressive half from mystery Portsmouth would take Bath’s pick from them 16-5.

Next up would be Overpass, Bath’s CT-side looked much more competitive on this map and showed that they weren’t going down easily. The score line was tied a total of three times during the first half at 2-2, 4-4 and 7-7. Portsmouth managed to edge out the half 8-7. Portsmouth then had an incredible start to their CT-side. They opened with a 6 round win streak, putting them just 2 rounds away from advancement. Then, the Bath comeback began. Largely due to ric0’s immense firepower Bath managed to pull it back to 12-14 until jby won a 2v1 clutch to secure map point for Portsmouth. Things weren’t done just yet though, Bath fought hard for 2 more rounds and brought it to a 14-15 score line. One round meant elimination for Bath or Overtime on Overpass. The opening kill went in favour of Portsmouth as jby eliminated ric0. Kneil pressed the advantage and eliminated mystery, causing the bomb to be dropped in monster. Bath’s backs were now against the wall. No bomb control in a 3v5 situation with just over a minute left on the clock. Four players from Portsmouth now swarmed the B bomb sit. Bellamy managed to get an opening kill but he and rowan were quickly traded out. Deep Fri was the man with it all to do. 1 Molotov, 1 Flashbang and 4 kills left to find. He secured the opener on DevilDF and quickly followed it up with a headshot on HaS. However, the aim of jby would prove to be too strong as he secured the final kill of the game, winning the map 16-14 and winning Portsmouth the series 2-0.

My MVP for this series is jby for his high impact plays across both maps.

In the next series we saw the defending champions Warwick Strechyboiz face off against Swansea Storm Green. The veto would begin with Swansea picking Train, Warwick picking Cache and Mirage being leftover as the decider. Swansea managed to win the CT pistol here and earn themselves a strong 6-2 opening score line. Then, after a technical reconnect from At0mical, Warwick began to show why they’re so highly regarded in the university esports scene. They mounted an impressive comeback and ended up winning the first half 8-7. Warwick then proceeded to show us a masterclass in the CT-side of train with a flawless second half which allowed them to win the map 16-7.

We then moved on to Warwick’s pick of Cache. The Stretchyboiz managed to secure the pistol round here but Swansea replied immediately with 3 rounds back to back. However, it looked like all was said and done when Warwick won 7 rounds in a row putting the map on 8-3 and setting themselves up for a dominant first half. Then, Suddenly Swansea began a great run of form and managed to string every remaining round of the half together and gave us a competitive 8-7 score line at the end of the half. Swansea’s CT-side initially looked weak as they lost the initial 3 rounds, then a triple kill from At0micaL in a post plant situation was the kickstart Swansea needed. Swansea then proceeded to string rounds together and they looked on the verge of victory at a 14-10 score line. Warwick replied with rounds of their own, but Swansea still managed to take it to map point.

The score line is now 13-15 in favour of Swansea. Jacob earns Warwick the opening pick with the awp. Fett1s then trades out Xpres0 on B-site. Hazzer then decides to go aggressive out of squeaky and Jacob punishes him for it, making it a 3v4 in Warwick’s favour. The attack on A-site then begins, EroStratus eliminates m_fx with the aug and then secures another kill through the smoke onto Mason. Fades takes care of Fettis in mid making it a 2v2. At0mical catches out Fades on the rotate leaving Jacob in a 2v1 post plant situation. He finds EroStratus at Car and then switches his aim to mid to deal with At0mical. This leaves it in a 14-15 score line. The opening pick goes the way of Enzoo and Swansea. Warwick then decide to attack the A bombsite. EroStratus once again does work with the aug earning a double kill before falling to Jacob’s awp. Fades then takes out At0mical making it a 3v2 but Hazzer denies Warwick the chance of overtime with a UMP double kill to finish the map.

Finally, it was the decider. Mirage. Swansea started with a strong T-Side winning the pistol round. It took another 4 rounds before Warwick could respond making it 5-1 in favour of Swansea. Swansea then continued to assert their dominance in the first half finishing it 13-2 with superb performances from EroStratus and eNzoo. Swansea then won the second half pistol and Warwick were all but out of the game, losing the map 16-2 and being eliminated from NUEL Spring 2019.

Despite losing the series, Fades is my MVP for the series due to his insane 37-kill and 112 performance on Cache backed up by him being the best player on the server on Train with 24 kills.

To summarise: Portsmouth had a great first map against Bath and despite the second one being more competitive they claimed victory 2-0. The reigning champions Warwick Strechyboiz have been eliminated by Swansea Storm Green after an intense game on Cache followed by a Swansea stomp on Mirage.

Join us tonight at 7:15pm for the lower bracket semifinals at twitch.tv/thenuel.

-Benjamin Hodge Mckenna (Protalis22)

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