CS:GO, Tournament Preview

CSGO Winter Championship 2017 Preview

The NUEL CSGO Winter Championship is about to start. With one-hundred and forty-four teams competing this year, there are plenty of both new and familiar faces. Returning champions and fresh recruits alike will be itching to get started. For a rundown of this year’s format, please clink the link here.

Let’s have a look at what to look forward to this term.

Teams to Watch

Lancaster Bombers (Lancaster University) – This team will be flying high after their Summer Tournament win. After coming joint top in the group stage with Derby, the Bombers fought off stiff competition to claim the trophy. They have a track record of high placings with a 2nd place in Spring and a 5th placed finish in last year’s Winter Championship to look back on. Led by Callum Merrill, they are tipped as the favourites for this tournament.

north lufborea (Loughborough University) – The Spring Tournament’s winners are back this term after deciding to skip the Summer Tournament. They are captained by Christian “cyano” Battersby and will be looking to claim the winter crown as their own. Expect a fight.

Brighton Panthers (University of Brighton) – A new entry into the NUEL with five global elite players, the Brighton Panthers look a dangerous team to draw. Top of the food chain?

BATH A (University of Bath) – Came 28th in this summer but don’t be fooled. They’ve been given the Plumbing Force treatment meaning this an almost entirely new Bath! Only the captain Mason Farmer remains for these five global elite players. Expect them to throw everything and the kitchen sink.

The Southampton Shufflers (University of Southampton) – The Shufflers are another new entry with five global elite players. They’ve got some star power, but whether they’ll be able to gel is up for other teams to find out.

Most Represented Unis

There are a huge number of teams this year with one-hundred and forty-four competing. However, some universities have been extra keen. Here are the big names that have been throwing some considerable weight around.

University of York (7)

University of Southampton (6)

De Montfort University (5)

Keele University (5)

Sheffield Hallam University (5)

University of Birmingham (5)

University of Leeds (5)

University of Warwick (5)

Best Team Names

There are some excellent team names out there, but some manage to rise above the rest. These are the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch. Please prepare yourself. With wit this sharp, you should be wearing a stab-proof vest.

Cloud 9k Debt (University of York) – It was tough choosing between Cloud 9k Debt and a similar team named Cloud 9 and ¾. However, the more topical of the two names takes the cake. Humorous, relatable and politically savvy, it exceeds its competitor in almost every department. While Cloud 9 and ¾ is a confused mismatch of unrelated themes, Cloud 9k Debt is able to juxtapose “cloud nine”, a state of perfect happiness, with student debt, a cloud that hangs over us all. Satirical, witty and relatable, I would not be surprised if the maker of this name has an Edinburgh Fringe show. Did I mention Cloud 9 is also an esports organisation? Perfection.

Flash Bangors (Bangor University) – Sharp, simple, you know what you’re getting. University name incorporated? Check. CSGO relevant humour? Check. Very tidy.

Make Love Not Warwick (University of Warwick) – Use of the university name immediately places this team highly on the list. Juxtaposing the most prominent anti-war slogan of the 1960s and Warwick in a team name for a FPS game? This is bound to raise a few eyebrows, as well as a subversive chuckle.

Yorkelele (University of York) – The ukulele has long been a staple for the university student who wants to seem a little musical to their peers, but who lacks the commitment to take up a serious instrument. Slightly off the beaten track and with a softer sound, it lulls its listeners into a false sense of security. I believe this is the angle that the team from York have taken. The team name is okay, I guess. I just really don’t like ukuleles. My brother has one and it’s bright pink (the poser).

In case you missed it…

The CSGO Winter Championship 2017 starts Monday 16th October (that’s tonight!). Check-in closes at 6:30pm, so make sure to sign in your teams by then. A captain’s meeting will follow at 7pm and matches will be starting at 7:15pm. Good luck!

James “Nilknarf” Franklin


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    Information on Lancaster Bombers is inaccurate, su10kt has never played for Lancaster, pretty sure he’s a Derby student.

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