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CS:GO Winter Championship: Signups open

After a successful first year, we’re excited to announce that our CS:GO Championship is now open to as many teams as you want to throw at us! This is a great opportunity for you to compete with a CS team and represent your university, it doesn’t matter how good you are or whether you’ve played with a team in a tournament before, we have players of all abilities and a tournament system that means you won’t go home after week 1.

Register a team

You’ve got until 11.59pm on Friday 14th October to register a team (all 5 players must be on your roster by then)

Already got a team? Register here.

Looking for a team? Check out your society Facebook Group, we have a list of them here. Otherwise, you just need to find 4 more friends who play CS at your university and register.


Prizes are handed out to teams for their finishing position at the end of the season.

1st Place – 5 exclusive NUEL winners hoodies

Only winners are allowed to look this good, you’ll get our own custom hoodie to everyone else on campus know that you’re a champ.

Further prizes TBA.


Games start at 7.15pm.

Event Date
Signup Deadline Friday 14th October
Qualification Monday 17th October to Monday 31st October
Swiss & Double elimination: Week 1 to 4 Monday 7th November to Monday 28th November
Finals Monday 5th December
Overflow final date (if needed) Tuesday 6th December

Register or find a team

You’re probably as fired up as we are to get started, so grab your teammates and register here.

Don’t have a team? Don’t worry, go join your university’s society Facebook group and let them know you’re looking for a team, there’s a list of the societies we have info for at the bottom of this article.

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