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ESI Digital Summer Student Pass Giveaway

Unfortunately the giveaway in this article has now closed.

However, after such a large amount of applications, Esports Insider have offered a huge 40% discount on tickets exclusively for students!

Just enter ESIDIGITALNUEL when you register for the discount.

Later this month ESI Digital Summer, the biggest global B2B esports industry event, will take place. From 17th to 21st August, over 100 speakers and 1,200 plus attendees from around the world will gather to shine a spotlight on the business of esports in both established and emerging regions.

The NUEL and Esports Insider are committed to helping students get into the esports industry through raising awareness, knowledge sharing, and making connections.

With this in mind, we are delighted to team up with Esports Insider to make a number of free full access passes available to UK students who would benefit from attendance, but otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go.

“With the events landscape turning to the digital world, Esports Insider prides itself on adapting its offering to fit the needs of the industry, and ESI Digital Summer is shaping up to be a truly global and unique event,” said Sam Cooke, MD and Co-Founder for Esports Insider.   “Whether you want to explore revenue streams, betting, education, sports crossovers, sponsorship or broadcast rights – ESI Digital Summer has got you covered with a wide and expert range of content across regions.”

“We are especially keen to ensure students have access to these events too, with the increasing crossover between education and esports in a myriad of ways in the UK and beyond.”

These passes (usually costing £120) will give you the same access as full ticket holders. This includes being able to view more than 35 hours of live content, virtual exhibitions and The Clutch (a live esports pitch investment competition), and the use of Brella’s market leading matchmaking and networking to discover new opportunities and make new connections!

To find out more about ESI Digital Summer, go here: https://esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-summer-2020/

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