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Welcome new Universities to the Twitch Student Program

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We are excited to announce that we are finally expanding Twitch student program to more universities around UK.

Last year we started up the program by taking on board 5 universities to see what Twitch Student program could become, later that year we chose 5 more to expand and take our vision further. We are now ready and excited to take more universities onboard and grow the Twitch Student Program with them.

What Is Twitch Student Program?

Twitch Student aims to empower university students by providing them with a platform to learn new skills, represent their university and create a self-sustaining community on Twitch.The scheme has already been rolled out to multiple universities in the US and, through the NUEL, in the UK.


There are Two levels of the program:

Level One involves setting up your university Twitch channel with clips, branding etc. and starting to broadcast regularly.

Level Two channels will become Twitch Partners – this means university societies can generate revenue from subscribers and adverts! Universities at Level Two can also get Twitch swag and custom emotes , as well as future offline events & workshops. The program offers you a unique way to generate your society income via Twitch prime with your participating student members, as well as join the family of universities passionate about streaming!

If you think your University’s society would like to be part of Twitch Student Program and see what it is all about, let someone from your societies committee to fill out this form and we will be in touch. Applications will close on the 10th of December!

We plan to regularly expand so do not get discouraged if your university does not get picked this time, keep working on your stream and apply next time.


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