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Expanding the Twitch Student Program

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Some of you may remember back in February we rolled out a UK pilot scheme for the Twitch Student Program. 5 universities were chosen – Manchester, Keele, Warwick, Salford and De Montfort – and have now successfully achieved Level Two status! Each of these universities worked extremely hard to put out more than 9 hours of content a week, build a brand and represent their university at the highest level.

Now we’re ready to take on another 5 universities for the month of April – read on to find out how to be considered.


What is the Twitch Student Program?

Twitch Student aims to empower university students by providing them with a platform to learn new skills, represent their university and create a self-sustaining community on Twitch.

The scheme has already been rolled out to multiple universities in the US and, through the NUEL, is being brought to UK universities.

The program has two “levels”:

Level One involves setting up your university Twitch channel with clips, branding etc. and starting to broadcast regularly.

Level Two channels will become Twitch Partners – this means university societies can generate revenue from subscribers and adverts! Universities at Level Two can also get Twitch swag and custom emotes. The idea is that being able to generate revenue through your Twitch channel means you will be less reliant on your Students Union, or University, for funding.

What role do the NUEL play?

The main barrier to societies reaching Level Two is faculty support.

In situations where a society does not have faculty support, the NUEL will act as faculty support and provide continuity between transitioning committees.

The NUEL will also act as an intermediary between universities and Twitch by enabling partnership, front-page promotion and helping societies improve their broadcasts through workshops.

How can my university get involved?

If your university society is up for the challenge, ask a committee member to fill out this form to the best of their ability. I will close applications on the 4th of April at 7pm and I’ll be in touch via email before the 9th of April!

While you’re waiting to hear back from me, show your support for the current Twitch Student universities via the NUEL Twitch Team. If you have any questions about the application, you can email me at

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