Free pizza topped with Vainglory for your society

Your society can get free pizza, drinks and swag for your next event. All you need to do is organise a Vainglory tournament, you can include this as part of an existing event or use it as an excuse for another get together to play games and have a great time. Societies across the country have been organising events all last term with great success.

Organising a Vainglory tournament is super easy, because it’s a mobile MOBA everyone can get involved without having to drag your PC to an event. All you need is a space that will fit everyone in, WiFi, power sockets and you’re good to go.

Join our Vainglory Discord for more information on how to organise a Halcyon Gathering for your society and arrange for the pizza budget, portable phone chargers, t-shirts and other swag to be delivered for your members to enjoy.

Get ahead of the rest of your society by downloading Vainglory now, available on:

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