Freshers’ Fair Swag for your Society!

With Freshers’ Fair rapidly approaching, we want to show our support for societies across the UK and our commitment to getting new students involved in esports. Thanks to our friends at Riot, we’ve been equipped with some awesome League of Legends swag to send out to your society!

In order to claim swag for your society, please fill out this form.

To make sure that as many societies as possible are able to receive enough swag, we’ve put together a form that will let us know how much your society needs and how the NUEL can help you more in the future.

We want to ensure that everything is delivered to you in time for your Freshers’ Fair, so please fill out the form as soon as possible so we can dispatch the swag without delay!

Society committee members can join our NUEL Rep discord to get in touch with us directly and keep up to date with the latest information:  https://discord.gg/SKGnBzr

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