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GAME National Championship Week 7 Recap


Last weekend was a very eventful one with three separate tournaments getting underway. Here’s a quick recap for those who aren’t quite in the loop.

The Wildcard Tournament, featuring the top 30 teams from the National League took place on Saturday and Sunday. The streamed games can be found here Day 1 Day 2, more on this if you read on.

The teams that did not make it into the top 32 of the National League took part in the first half of the Lower National Playoffs which will continue this weekend.

Likewise the highest placed teams in the Regional leagues that did not qualify for the National League also took part in the first half of the Regional Finals to decide which teams are the best non-national league teams from each region. Both the Lower National Playoffs and Regional Finals continue this weekend.

For the highlights of the weekend in video form, heres the weekly recap:

The Wildcard Tournament

With Aston Aunties and Grey Warwick achieving the top two seeds and automatically qualifying into the Semifinals it was left to the Wildcard tournament to decide who would be the two teams to face them.

The front runners coming into the Wildcard tournament were undoubtedly UoB TCA Storm. After a very strong performance towards the end of the National League they were the top seed of the Wildcard tournament. The first of their victims would be SHUffle Truffle, SHUffle Truffle had had an impressive Wildcard run, taking wins off two higher seeded teams Kranky Krugs and University of Edinburgh A but unfortunately fell to Storm.

The next to be caught in the Storm were the enigmatic team from Bath, Droolio and the Gang. It was a night of mixed success for Droolio and the Gang. With success against Sussex Offenders and the Loughborough Titans they would also lose to Storm and the UEA Memers which eliminated them from the tournament.

The final team to fall to Storm would be the UKC Kittens. Until the 20th minute the game between the Kittens and Storm was quite close with both teams having a fed member or two. After the 20 minute mark however Storm managed to win a series of teamfights rather convincingly due to a solid team composition and superior play which allowed them to pull ahead and take the game.

With Uob TCA Storm’s place confirmed the next to face the UKC Kittens were the Cambridge Memers. The Cambridge Memers had already been defeated at the hands of the UKC Kittens in an earlier clash in the tournament. This time however they would prove to be the stronger team and they took the win.

As fate would have it the Cambridge Memers would have to prove their meming prowess as the opponent guarding their path to the Semifinals were the UEA Memers. The UEA Memers had only been beaten by the UKC Kittens so far in the Wildcard tournament. The game would prove that Cambridge were the danker of the two meme teams and they take the win and the final Semifinal slot.

The Semifinals will be a Best-of-3 held this weekend on Sunday with UoB TCA Storm taking on the Aston Aunties and Gray Warwick taking on the Cambridge Memers, so make sure to catch the stream to watch some great matches that will decide which of these four teams will meet in the Finals at NUEL Live.

– Oscar Pelling

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