Greetings! Hearthstone Winter Championship is here

Welcome travelers, tavern-goers and seekers of forbidden knowledge! It’s time to embark on a new adventure this October with the National University Esports League’s Hearthstone Winter Championship. 

Take a seat at the hearth!

You may have your thick clothes, ale and weapons ready but have you completed your prerequisite quests? Check below to be sure:

  • Make a NUEL account at: https://thenuel.com/account/create
  • Link your battle.net account to your NUEL account
  • Sign up to play here
  • Compete. Once you are signed up, have your university email verified and have the correct battle.net account linked, you are ready to play!


1st Place: £30 Battle.net giftcard

2nd Place: £20 Battle.net giftcard

3rd Place: £10 Battle.net giftcard


Qualification Phase

Signup Deadline: Monday 24th October

Start Date: Tuesday 25th October

Duration: 3 weeks

Type: Modified Swiss

For the first 3 weeks, players will be competing in a Swiss format, each of them playing 4 best-of-five conquest matches per week. The top 8 players at the end of this period will qualify to compete in the Elimination Phase.

Elimination Phase

Start Date: 15th November

Duration: 1 day

Type: Single Elimination

For the final week, the top 8 players will compete in a single elimination bracket, each playing best-of-five conquest matches

Got a question?

If you need a question answering or have any issues signing up get in touch with us by:

  • Sending an email to issues@thenuel.com
  • Joining and posting in our Facebook group here

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