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Hearthstone 2015 Winter Tournament Week 3 Recap

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We are close to the end of the last Hearthstone tournament of the year with our Winter Tournament having just one week left in regular season play. This week was all about the amazing lethals or lack thereof but before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the top of the Winter Tournament standings so far as well as our top dogs of the week.


Bin – 9 WIns

bribri – 9 Wins

Fiorth – 8 Wins

ProMetal – 8 Wins

maxintos – 8 Wins




As always, if you’re a university student, you can check out the full standings as well as invitational points on The NUEL’s website by logging into your account.


Raging Warrior?

Match 3 Game 3: RyuuSei plays Garrosh against a relatively standard Mid-Range Paladin played by Liixe. Early on, Ryuusei cleverly disguises his win condition under the guise of a Patron Warrior deck, playing Acolyte of Pain, Armorsmith, Cruel Taskmaster, Battle Rage and other cards that may find themselves in the deck. However, his true win condition is a Charged Raging Worgen with Inner Rage and Rampage. With a fortunate draw from an Acolyte of Pain, Ryuusei found lethal turn 11 with an 11 Attack Raging Worgen, partially due Liixe’s fear of dropping a Tirion Fordring into a potential silence.

More Druid Memes

In the first game in our final match on stream, Maxintos Ramp Druid had an insane opening hand against Metigue’s Handlock. Maxintos was able to play Emperor Thaurissan on turn 4 with an Innervate and thanks to the Coin, into an Ancient of Lore draw. This led to Maxintos getting two activations of Emperor, getting ridiculous mana value and activating the double combo potential in the process. Despite Metigue’s best efforts to remove the Emperor as soon as possible, even having two Taunted Ancient Watchers, Maxintos finds an insane perfect lethal on turn 6 to seal out the game against a 25 health Gul’dan. The memes are real in this one.

BM Almost Gone Wrong

In Match 4 Game 3, the final one on stream this week, Maxintos finds himself playing Freeze Mage against Metigue’s Deathrattle Rogue after an impossible game against Control Warrior. However in the last game Metigue managed to get a full board with Dr. Boom and a single Boom Bot out on the field to pressure face, although Maxintos had an Ice Block up and ready to draw into lethal. He did, but either didn’t see it or decided to go for a BM play to rub salt into the wounds of Metigue. However, nearly inexplicably, he drops a Doomsayer, giving Metigue a potential lethal by bringing Maxintos down to 1 and letting the Doomsayer finish the Boom Bot which will finish Max. Unfortunately for Metigue he did not spot the lethal there to punish and loses to Maxintos in the end.


Would you like to see the plays happen as they did on stream? It’s not too late to catch a full replay of the stream or any other tournaments we’ve had. Click here to check those out. As always, if you want to keep updated for more Hearthstone content, join our Hearthstone group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’ll see you next week to round out the regular season of our Winter Tournament.


Will “Reverbe” Xu

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