Hearthstone, Tournament Preview

Hearthstone 2016 Spring Tournament Preview

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Hello Hearthstone players and fans alike. We have come to the start of yet another exciting split of our NUEL Hearthstone Tournament. The Spring Tournament is quickly approaching with the first matches kicking off on the 9th of February. Keep in mind the tournament format of Best of 3 Conquest matches will be the continuing format this spring. As a public service announcement to those who have asked this question, we will not be playing the new Standard mode just yet for this tournament. We’ll talk a bit here about some of the returning players this tournament, but first, some dates for your diary and a look back at the Winter Tournament standings.


09/02 – Week 1

16/02 – Week 2

23/02 – Week 3

01/03 – Week 4

05/03 – Spring Finals

08/03 – Season Finals


ProMetal – 11 Wins

jamhead – 10 Wins

maxintos – 10 Wins

Bin – 9 Wins

Zahora – 9 Wins

bribri – 9 Wins

aeroxyt – 9 Wins


xCooom – xCooom took home the Winter Invitational Championship last December and through a close game with fellow teammate Bin of the University of Birmingham, he won the Combo Druid mirror match to find lethal in a 3-1 series. He narrowly misses the 9 Wins an up list above, coming in at 8 wins in the Winter Tournament. A very balanced player in the Invitationals, he’ll be looking to see if he can top the Spring Tournament list as well.

Bin – Speaking of balanced players, Bin has been a consistent threat to the top of the ladder all tournament. Cashing in on 4th place in the regular season and 2nd place in the Winter Invitationals, we know he has what it takes to get to the top. His matchup with xCooom as said above could’ve gone either way in all 4 matches played and he’s won matches with practically every major regular season finisher. Redemption is not going to be a Secret for anyone who stands in Bin’s path as he climbs to the top of the leaderboards in the Spring Tournament.

ProMetal – ProMetal of the University of Nottingham topped out on the list. His consistent play over the course of the regular tournament season earned him the number 1 seed in the Winter Tournament finals. Although his run in the Winter Invitationals was cut short by Munchkin in a close 3-2 match, he still ran deep into the tournament and is looking for his chance to be champion in the Spring Invitationals. To get there first, all he needs to do is play as well as he played last split, and we could see another big dog in the mix in March.


Certainly, with those guys in the pool, along with the rise in Hearthstone popularity over the past year, this upcoming Spring Tournament will be the most competitive Hearthstone tournament we’ve had the pleasure of hosting so far. Join us for the live coverage of our feature matches on our Twitch stream here and keep coming back for weekly written coverage updates on the WordPress blog right here. I for one am stoked about seeing the exciting plays and the memes from our Spring Tournament.

Will “Reverbe” Xu

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