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Hearthstone 2016 Spring Tournament Weeks 1-2 Recap

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Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the start of another amazing split of the Hearthstone 2016 Tournament. This will be the final split of the year before we move into the first end-of-year Finals of The NUEL Hearthstone Tournament. Keep in mind that to qualify for the end-of-year Finals tournament, you have to either win a split invitational or end up in the top 13 players of the Championship Points tally, so this is your last shot at proving yourself worthy of playing with the top players of the UK. This weekly recap is going to be a 2-for-1 as we review the joint Plays of the Week of both Week 1 and Week 2, but first a quick look at how things have started.


Steve – 7 WIns

TomViolence – 7 WIns

AntiFlame – 6 Wins

bribri – 6 Wins

Prometal – 6 Wins

Tumbow – 5 Wins

maxintos – 5 Wins

Onehit – 5 Wins

Monvad – 5 Wins






Remember that you can go to our website to check out the full standings and where you place in the race to the end-of-year finals.




Brann is a Thief


Week 1: Match 1 Game 3 – An interesting game developed as Metigue and Chesster were locked in a 1-1 match. Chesster, on a Mid Range Hunter, forced a turn 5 Ice Block into a turn 6 Reno Jackson from Metigue’s Reno Mage, effectively using both of Metigue’s main recovery mechanics against a Hunter. With a dominating board in his face, Metigue decided that the realistic winning play on turn 7 was to pop Chesster’s Haunted Creeper, creating 5 minions on board to get a double Mind Control Tech proc off Brann Bronzebeard, despite there being 3 1/1s on Chesster’s board. Fortunately for Metigue, he managed to steal Chesster’s Savanna Highmane, easily the most problematic minion on the board. Within 2 turns Metigue managed to completely turn the board and quickly pushed to win right after to take the first live match of the Spring Tournament.


Camel is Confused


Week 1: Match 2 Game 3 – In this game, RyuuSei found his Mid-Range/Control Hunter up against TomViolence’s Renolock in a deciding game for the match. The game started with  an unorthodox Sir Finley on turn 1 for RyuuSei into a Shapeshift Hero Power. After a strong response from TomViolence, RyuuSei found himself in an awkward situation where he was forced to drop nearly his whole hand to pressure the Renolock in hopes TomViolence did not draw the explorer just yet. This call was correct, although a godlike Mind Control Tech stole RyuuSei’s Savannah Highmane, turning the board once again in TomViolence’s favor. With no other options, RyuuSei dropped his Tomb Spider in hopes of discovering a decent Beast. However, luck was not on his side as Desert Camel was his best option. After playing it onto a board with a Knife Juggler, hoping to get 2 juggles, RyuuSei found that even that attempt to come back was futile as only an enemy Zombie Chow was riding the camel into battle. That didn’t quite hit the mark and TomViolence took the third game of the match with RyuuSei conceding shortly after.


Mill Machine


Week 2: Match 3 Game 1 – In this game, Monvad22 played Mill Rogue against HowieT’s Murloc Paladin. In the first 5 turns, Monvad very cleverly disguises his deck from HowieT, forcing him to player slower into the mill deck. Monvad even pulled the “Mistakes were Made” buff after hitting the Acolyte of HowieT to convince him that he had made an honest mistake, where in reality, he just got a free mill. In addition, Monvad played 2 Gang Ups on Coldlight Oracles to worsen the odds for HowieT’s Anyfin Can Happen. With the huge advantage on Monvad’s side, he won the game with a brilliant Brann Bronzebeard into double Coldlight Oracles to mill HowieT to death in a dominating game 1.




Thanks for catching up with our first two weeks of the NUEL Spring Tournament. Remember that if you want to relive any of the moments on stream, you can do just that on our Twitch page and if you want to check out more features and Recaps, come back here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck to those playing in Week 3 and we’ll catch up on the action next week, but until then, don’t let your memes be dreams.


Will “Reverbe” Xu

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