Hearthstone Spring Tournament 2016 Week 3 Recap


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I love it when we see new decks in the tournament or old decks brought back to life and this week in The NUEL Spring Tournament was no exception. Can you say the old meta is back? Okay, maybe not just yet, but our plays of the week can certainly give you some hope. However, before we get to the best of the action caught on stream this week, let’s take a look at the top of the standings with just one week to go.


Steve – 10 WIns

Tumbow – 9 WIns

AntiFlame – 9 Wins

TomViolence – 9 Wins

Pantl – 7 Wins

bribri – 7 Wins




Patron Warrior is Alive?

Match 1 Game 3 – Capacitance of the University of York found himself up against Deamonized from the University of Plymouth in a Patron Warrior vs. Renolock matchup. Early trades in the game got Capacitance rolling as an Imp Gang boss was answered perfectly by his Death’s Bite and Deamonized’s Twilight Drake was slain by an Execute. However, a perfect Demonwrath from Deamonized evened out the playing field. Although a lucky 4 damage Boom Bot temporarily turned the board back in Capacitance’s favor, that didn’t last long as Deamonized quickly swung the board back by Mind Control Teching Capacitance’s only Grim Patron on the board and removed the major threats from Capacitance’s board in the same turn. With a clever read from Capacitance however, he dodged the Big Game Hunter from Deamonized by playing his Frothing Berserker later into his turn and put himself in a winnable situation. Unfortunately for Deamonized, he had a bad habit of using Life Tap late in his turns and it cost him dearly as he pulled a Shadowflame with 3 mana to use. WIth a huge burst of damage thanks to Grommash Hellscream, Capacitance completed the narrow upset over Deamonized in a game and match that could’ve gone either way.

Mech Mage is Alive?

Match 2 Game 3 – In this match-deciding game, Tumbow’s Mech Mage faced off against Forestrunnr’s Ramp Druid. Yes, Mech Mage still exists. A godlike opening hand from Tumbow let him start off with fantastic tempo, giving him not only a Mana Wyrm off the top of the deck to start the game going second, but also literally a hand full of mechs to start the game, including a Mechwarper. Although Forestrunnr responded with double Wraths on turn 3 (thanks to turn 2 WIld Growth), he incorrectly speculated that Tunbow had ran out of mechs in hand and opted to clear the Snowchugger instead of the Mechwarper, allowing Tumbow to play perfectly on curve getting 5 mana worth of minions on the board turn 3. A lucky topdecked Fireball cleared out the Druid of the Claw defensive response play and allowed Tumbow to keep the pressure up until turn 7 where a giant Dr. Boom play nearly sealed the victory. Although Forestrunnr gave a valiant effort to comeback, dropping Shades of Naxxramas and Piloted Shredder in an attempt to win the board back, it was not to be as a second topdecked Fireball found it’s way into Tumbow’s hand for lethal. GGWP.

Miracle Rogue Is Alive?

Match 3 Game 1 – Steve apparently likes to play Miracle Rogue into anything as he played it against Pantl’s more conservative choice of Dragon Priest. The early portions of the game played out fairly evenly, with Pantl coming out slightly on top and able to deal with both of Steve’s Tomb Pillagers nicely without losing too much. However, due to the Coins stolen by his Tomb Pillagers, Steve managed to draw a ton of cards immediately off his Concealed Gadgetzan Auctioneer. On turn 7, the goblin gave Steve 3 cards. On turn 8, he received 4 from the charity machine. 2 more cards came on turn 9 with an answer finally coming too little too late from Pantl in the unlikely form of a random Grommash Hellscream summoned by Confessor Paletress. Unfortunately, by this point, Steve had more than enough damage from his loaded hand to finish off Pantl for a quick Game 1. Very well played from Steve, recognizing the matchup well and intelligently Concealing the Gadgetzan Auctioneer throughout the last few turns of the game.


What were your favorite moments on stream? Did you have a fantastic play or meme to share in the tournament but our cameras weren’t pointed to you? Share your moments with us in the comments below. And don’t forget to catch up with the action every week on Tuesdays on our Twitch channel. If you missed us, no worries as you can catch full replays of the action right here. And don’t forget that we’ll keep you posted on any updates on our Facebook and Twitter so make sure to like and follow us as well. Until next week, keep laddering for that end-of-season chest.


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