Hearthstone, Tournament Preview

Hearthstone Summer: Preview


Later today is the start of our Summer Hearthstone Tournament. We have 48 players signed up and ready to play for the title of NUEL Summer Champion. There are new players and returning players from our last Hearthstone tournament, but before I discuss the participants here’s the format the tournament will take.


The tournament will take place over a space of five weeks. The first four weeks will involve players taking part in Weekly Tournaments every Tuesday evening to earn Qualification Points. After the first four weeks the players with the most points will qualify for the Invitational Tournament in week five.

Weekly Tournaments

Starting today, and every week at 7.30pm on Tuesday, there will be four Weekly Tournaments. All players who check in, having chosen their 3 classes for the week, will be randomly seeded into the tournament. They will then play 4 best-of-3 rounds of Conquest using the Swiss tournament system to determine pairing beyond the first round. For those who don’t know the Swiss system, it involves players facing others with the same record each round. So, for example, winners face progressively harder opposition. After four rounds of this, Qualification Points will be awarded as follows:

Win Record Qualification Points
4-0 15
3-1 10
2-2 6
1-3 3
0 0


The Invitational Tournament will take place on Saturday 5th of September and will feature the players with the most Qualification Points from the ladder. The Invitational will involve Best-of-5 rounds of Conquest using registered decklists. Further details will be announced closer to the time.


The Summer Tournament, as usual, is smaller than the main season tournament we ran. The main season tournament had just over 150 participants making the Summer Tournament around a third of the size. But that doesn’t mean the competition will be any less fierce. Of the large number of returning players, many of the top players are taking part again. Here’s who you need to watch out for:


After having fought through five rounds of tough opponents in the Invitational Finals of last tournament, Abel was crowned the champion. He will be looking to also claim the summer crown for himself and his university, the University of Bristol.


Coming in at second place and from the University of York, Noodles was the runner-up of our main season tournament. Undoubtedly his aim will be to move up past Abel to claim the crown of the summer champion.


From the University of Oxford, Rhobus was previously knocked out in the semifinals in a very close match with Noodles, finishing in 3rd-4th place. He was close to getting into the final last time and will be wanting to make the small push needed to get there for his shot at the crown.


He comes from the University of Southampton and he finished in 5th-8th place after losing in the quarterfinals of the last tournament to Rhobus. MrPipe will be hoping to go even further this time and I’m sure he wouldn’t complain about a bit of revenge on the one who knocked him out.

Other top 16 players from the last tournament who will be looking to improve their finishes this time are:

  • LordJuraxxus
  • BoarControl
  • sbwatts


Like I mentioned above, the Summer Tournament is a smaller affair than the main season tournament. As such universities that get lots of players to take part deserve a shoutout. The top universities for this are contributing a total of 15 players, nearly a third of all the players participating. Each have 5 players representing them. These universities are:

  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Bath

Well done to those universities!


Check in ends at 7pm and you need to check in with 3 classes ready to play. Competition will be fierce. There is still some time for last minute practice or even adjustment to your decks. Are you ready?

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