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Hearthstone Summer Tournament Winner Interview


So our NUEL 2015 Summer Tournaments have finally come to a close. Thank you to all who participated in the tournament, watched the stream, or supported a friend along the way. In total, 73 players came out to put their decks to the test this summer. We’ve had a number of heart-pounding battles go down in Azeroth, which culminated in our action-packed finals tournament last weekend.

Here are your top 8 Finalists in order:

Top 8

Champion – Borostiliont – Imperial College
Runner-Up – Noodles – University of York
Semi-finalist – Forestrunnr – University of Birmingham
Semi-finalist – Sammichlady – University of Sheffield
Top 8 – Solo16 – University of Hull
Top 8 – Rhobus – University of Oxford
Top 8 – Cypher – University of Bristol
Top 8 – Aftershock – University of Cambridge

I got a chance to catch up with our winner, Borostiliont, after his final match with Noodles.

Interview with Borostiliont

Hi, thank you Borostilliont for taking the time out of your day to chat with us about your recent tournament win. Can you give us a brief introduction to who you are and where you’re from/where you go to school and what you study?

Sure. So my name is Dara, I’m from Northern Ireland, and I studied out of Imperial College in London and I studied theoretical physics.

Fantastic, so what got you into Hearthstone to begin with? Did you have any prior CCG experience or played some other game that helped you transition?

No, not really. I think I saw Dan9 play it. I used to watch his Starcraft videos even though I never played Starcraft myself. I saw him play Hearthstone one day and thought it was a really cool game. Then I got a beta key from the Hearthstone Facebook page in November 2013. I downloaded the game and have been playing as much as I can ever since.

How do you usually prepare for the conquest tournaments? Do you have a particular regiment or practice schedule or deck lineup?

No, no not all all. This is the first tournament I’ve ever played and I haven’t gotten a chance to play that much Hearthstone recently and so I haven’t seen many TGT cards. I just tend to pick three decks I’m most comfortable with that I think that have generally strong matchup across the field. This time it was Druid, Handlock, and Patron Warrior and that worked out quite well for me.

So we’ve had a lot of fantastic players come out for the NUEL Summer tournament. Out of all of the players we had come out to the NUEL Summer Tournament, who was your favorite (or most memorable) to play against and why?

Haha, there quite a few matches, I need to think… I mean I got to say there were quite a few nail biters in that finals match against Noodles. I played Noodles in the previous weekly tournaments as well and so I really respect him as a player and I think he played very well. I think we both played very well for that last match.

Yeah, obviously, we saw some fantastic games in the finals and some really strong conquest decks in the mix this summer. Out of the three decks you played, is there one you are particularly fond of that you would want to share some wisdom?

Yeah, sure. So the deck I’ve been playing for, probably, the longest is Handlock. I just love that deck. Basically, I love any deck with a lot of numbers like Patron, Handlock, Oil Rogue, just because of my degree of doing physics, I’m good with numbers. I think Handlock is just the one I’ve had the most experience with. But I think with any deck you play, it’s just a matter of practice. You need to just play as many games as you can. Read the Hearthstone subreddit, the competitive Hearthstone subreddit. I think anyone who tried really hard will get good really quickly.

One of the things that has been a popular addition to the game over the summer is Tavern Brawl. We’ve had a couple of months with it now in the system. Do you have any opinions or thoughts about how the mode might affect the game as a whole whether if you’re a new player, old player, or competitive player?

I don’t think the mode will affect the regular games too much at all. I think it’ll be very good at drawing in new players. I think it’s very fun, and a lot of the rules are really good. The fact that there are a lot of pre-made decks means that new players aren’t going to be at a disadvantage which I think is really good. For me personally, I haven’t played that much of it. I just play one or two games to get the packs because the games aren’t really very competitive. But I think it’s a fun mode and I think it was a good move by Blizzard to sort of give people the fun they were looking for. Before, ranked mode wasn’t that fun, arena wasn’t that fun, casual wasn’t that fun, so I think they made a good new development.

What’s the strongest class/deck to play on ladder in your opinion?

It depends how good you are. If you’re a very good player, Patron Warrior is the by far the strongest. I don’t have that much respect for the Secret Paladin deck. I think the reason it is so hyped at the moment and why people think it’s so strong is because people can’t play around secrets very well. So that does make a good ladder deck, but I don’t think it’s a very strong deck. I think in the long term it will die off. So I think if you’re a high level player, Patron Warrior is the way to go. I think if you’re not a very high level player, then play something like Druid or Hunter or Zoo.

What’s the worst class to play on ladder?

The worst class? I think Dragon Priest hasn’t done very well. Totem Shaman, I’m still not convinced yet, so probably Shaman’s the weakest class right now. Don’t think I can say much more on that.

Do you have a favorite deck either for fun? Obviously, you said you were an advocate of Patron Warrior on ladder, but do you have a fun deck you like to play?

A fun deck.. *laughs* ummm… I don’t tend to get much time to play Hearthstone in general, so when I play I tend to play seriously just because I enjoy that more. I think the funnest deck for me to play… ummm… probably Priest? But that’s still quite a serious deck. But I love Priest, you just get to steal as many things as possible from your opponent. You get quite a lot of angry messages after.

*laughs* Your Ysera’s mine!

*laughs* Yeah exactly.

Ok, well who’s your favorite pro player/streamer?

Ummm.. yeah, again, I don’t get to watch too many of them, but I like Reynad. I like that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. I think he’s a good player and he’s just very interesting to watch.

Last question: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


Awesome, you’ve been great, thank you for your time and congratulations again for your championship victory and best of luck to you in your future tournaments. Shoutouts that you’d like to make?

Nope, none at all. Thank you.


That just about wraps it up for our Summer Tournaments here at NUEL. If you are attending university in the autumn and would like to play in our League of Legends or Hearthstone tournaments, please don’t hesitate to sign-up. We love seeing new blood, experienced veterans, and everyone in between. Who knows? You might be our next champion, and even if you aren’t, you’ll be as happy as Borostiliont eating vanilla ice cream.


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