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Looking back at 2017/18

There are plenty of positives to look back on last season. We saw a record number of you take part in our tournaments, especially in CS:GO and Overwatch where both tournaments had over 100 teams compete for the first time. NUEL Live hosted the finals for all three tournaments which saw our first ever Overwatch live final been played in front of a packed  out Red Bull Gaming Sphere. However, we know there is plenty that we can improve on.

League of Legends has received passionate feedback from many of you. Our move from one long split to two term based splits was designed to reduce the drop in teams competing we’ve seen in previous years after the Christmas break; whilst the data shows that more of you played during the Spring term, we’ve also heard your concerns about the tournaments being too short and not accurately reflecting the skill of teams. We’ve heard people love and hate our “regional” structure which was designed to foster local rivalries and help structure a tournament that works for 300 teams. It was clear that one thing we screwed up was not offering a worthwhile experience for the many teams that didn’t qualify for the National play-off.

Our Overwatch tournament needs to evolve to something that is much more suitable for 100+ teams. The one thing we’re currently reviewing is how teams qualify into the play-offs, as lots of you have found OWMP to be a mystery and unfair which isn’t helpful when you’re working hard to make the cut into play-offs.

Counter-Strike seems to require some tweaks to the structure,though the major issues have been technical. Servers seem to have improved towards the end of the Spring split but we’re keen to look into ways we can make them more reliable whilst ensuring they are affordable for the large number we need. Updates to the Companion hopefully have made life much easier for getting into your games and shown we’re keen to invest in making the tech for CSGO better.

Looking forward to 2018/19

The team have been working hard over the past few weeks to start work on next season. As many of you are aware, Hench has moved on from The NUEL, and we’d like to thank him for his hard work and service in helping grow our tournaments over the past few years. However, this change provides a clean slate that will allow us to make significant improvement both in how we design and deliver on our tournaments going forward.

I’m excited to announce that Deanish will be heading up our Tournament Admin team this year! For those of you who don’t recognise his name, he’s been working for The NUEL over the past couple of years as a senior admin; he brings a great understanding on what makes The NUEL special but does so with a fresh pair of eyes.

Have your say on next year’s tournaments

The most important change this season we want to make is ensuring that we involve you in the design process of our future tournaments. I’ve had the pleasure of discussing your thoughts with many of you on Discord over the past couple of months or at NUEL Live, but now we want to put this into action and work with you on building tournaments that you’ll love competing in.

Stage one of this will start next week. We want to invite you to provide your feedback on how last season went and work through suggestions to see how that would improve the tournament structures for next year. To make this work we want to hear from players of various abilities and skill from all the games we currently support. We’ll be organising 2 hour Discord sessions on the following dates from 8pm:

  • Tuesday 15th May – League of Legends
  • Wednesday 23rd May – Overwatch
  • Wednesday 30th May – CS:GO

If you wish to attend then please complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

If you can’t make these dates or have ideas that you want to share beforehand, don’t hesitate to kick off the discussion. Use the game channels in The NUEL Discord or slide into Deanish or my (NUEL Josh) DMs.

We’re keen to get started and looking forward to seeing what we come up with together!

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  1. Ciaran Williams

    Are there any plans to add new games to the tournaments such as rainbow six or games like dota 2 or smite and even hots, as I’m sure people will compete in games like rainbow as it’s already a huge success

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