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In Depth With: Jack “J4ck” Slosmanis of H@H@ (De Montfort)

Summer may have shined down on Loughborough and earned them the title of NUEL Summer Champions, but with winter on it’s way De Montforts team seem poised to reclaim their 2015 title of Winter Champions. Following last weeks game in which De Montfort were able to edge out the defending champions in an intense third map overtime, I was able to sit down with J4ck and learn more about the first seeded team.


Friends, Family, Fraggers

Much like top CS team Virtus.Pro, De Montfort have found their success through a stable roster of five friends – the teams core of J4ck, Juicy, Sh^q, Diet and Prydzy has not changed in three seasons, barring J4cks absence in the summer league due to a schedule clash with his UK team – Dragons. Losing J4ck didn’t bode well for the roster; playing without their star player and in-game leader lead to the team burning out before the semi finals in the Summer league. However, with J4ck back, the team is looking to take back their prize.

DMU is formed of second years studying computer science, or a variation thereof, and when a sub is needed, Jack’s very own roommate is brought in, maintaining the family-esque feel of the team.

Jack and Diet’s friendship is especially interesting, having been friends for over eight years through CS:Source, being united to play CS:GO together through sheer chance at University; continuing the comparison to Virtus.Pro would be to say that they are NUELs very own versions of NEO and TaZ.

Inside the game, De Montfort are a team of solid aimstars. With both J4ck and Juicy more than happy to share the AWP, Diet’s raw aim anchoring down sites, and both Prdzy and Sh^q’s fragging ability, De Montfort use their fast and aggressive play-style to catch their opponents out, heavily punishing all but the most competitive of NUEL teams.

“… We go under the assumption that nobody’s great, they need to earn our respect, or else they get P90’d. That’s how we won (last) winter… DMU tries to do a fast paced game style in NUEL using our raw aim, nobody can really handle that.”


A knifes edge win over Loughborough

Last weeks game saw an interesting map choice of Nuke, Mirage, and Cobblestone. The results of the veto stage lead to J4ck and co unexpectedly starting on Nuke, a map chosen by Loughborough, who were well versed on, using smokes outside to gain secret control. Even though two of J4ck’s team had never played the map, De Montfort managed to convincingly close out the map 16-8. The second map saw a confident De Montfort entering the server, only to have their over confidence be their greatest foe, leaving their moral completely shattered, with Loughborough claiming De Montforts own map choice away from them, pushing it to Cbblestone. While Loughborough had the early lead on Cbble, De Montfort managed to stabilize and fight back for control in the second half of the game, putting in just enough work to push for overtime. When overtime came, Loughborough weren’t able to handle J4ck’s next-level clutch plays, and De Montfort managed to move up to the winner bracket finals.

“Loughborough are definitely the hardest opponents to play.  They have a lot of strats. We didn’t think they’d pick Nuke, or be so stragically strong on it… Loughboroughs slow plays make them harder to read, and harder to punish.”


Winners showdown, and going forward

Next week De Montfort will be playing the Aston Clutchers for seats in the NUEL 2016 CSGO Winter League final, alongside the perk of a map advantage. J4ck didn’t seem to worried, believing it will be a DMU-LU rematch in the finals; inferring a win over the Summer’s runner ups, as well as a Loughborough win in the lower bracket.

It may seem as if De Montfort and Loughborough have a bone to pick with another, but J4ck insists this isn’t the case; inter-team friendships exist between the likes of Juicy, and Wilrus and ADD. Friendships however can draw on intense rivalries, and if the rematch does occur, neither side will be holding back.

“With Derby we always have a bit of banter and it’s always a fun game… We always play to win, but sometime I take it too far and I’m harsh on my team, but I always apologise for it.”

While confident of the match up, J4ck did provide advice to teams with dreams of a place in the finals:

“My advice to any team is to not play Cache against Loughborough as they play slowly and their strats are good – it’s so hard to control the pace of the game.”

Next week we’re excited to see if De Montfort climb the penultimate step of the ladder, and to see if J4ck’s predictions become prophecy. Tune in next Monday at 7:15 on Twitch to watch it all unfold live!

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