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In Depth With: MMU_GG (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Left to right: Hypaspists, MyerZ, Protector, Patrol

“The teams most important. It’s a team game. It’s not about the player, it’s about the team.” – Protector

MMU are no freshers to the CSGO NUEL Scene, though they are less familiar to the top tier of University competition. I got the opportunity to chat to Protector, MyerZ and A T I to find out more about their thoughts about making it this far, and their hopes of closing out the series as NUEL CSGO Winter 2016 Champions.

“We weren’t expecting to do this well but we took every game as it came and we all clicked together.”

Protector with some Deagle action vs Derby in the semi finals

New beginnings

The 2015 team of MyerZ, Hypaspists, A T I and dV’s run in NUEL left a lot to be desired, but rather than ruminate the team reevaluated their formula for success. The team advertised for the final spot on their team through the universities social pages and to their delight, managed to pick up two players, Patrol and Protector, with Hypa bringing the team what he had to offer in the coaching role. The MMU team went on to power through strong teams such as UoBelieve (Birmingham) and UoNVyUs (Nottingham), only losing two maps; once to De Montfort, and once to Aston. The wake up call, to practise and play better together, lead to the team becoming confident enough in their ability to close out a 2:0 win against Aston, bringing them into the NUEL 2016 Summer Finals.

“We played Aston on Mirage and we lost that game… after that game we came to think we really need to practise, that was our first loss .”

A Tight Unit

Through talking with the team it was easy to see that chemistry existed outside of the game just as well as it did inside – the team was keen on meeting up and going on nights out together.

With Patrol main & dV secondary AWPing, the team isn’t short of sniper players. Patrol, MyerZ talked about Patrol’s hyper-aggressive plays being a wildcard factor that can make or break the game. When clutch situations arise, MyerZ is the player MMU expects to stand up and close out the round, and when paired along with Protector, the two prove a solid duo defence on any bombsite. Losing the bombsite isn’t even the end of it, as A T I will be right there to retake and clean up the site.

“It’s like hearding cats with our AWPer. Sometimes his aggressive plays works, sometimes they don’t” Jokes MyerZ.

MyerZ providing compelling evidence for maining a USP-S rather than an AK-47

Road to the finals

MMU haven’t had an easy road to the finals, having to bring down big names such as Derby and Aston to get there. Until the Aston game MMU used a team based leadership, however Protector realised that for the team to step up that they needed a dedicated caller – and he stepped up to the role of in-game leader.

Looks like everyone on MMU can handle an AWP

Protector feels the strength of the team is using every player working closely together, to trade frags effectively – moving as a unit, with set executes to open up sites. His experience can’t be denied, having played as a sub player for well known team ALTERNATE ATTaX, scrimming versus the likes of Penta and Astralis, and having left ESEA Open after 10-0’ing the league. This experience is invaluable to him as a player and the team as a group. Humbly he claims that without his team he would be nothing, whereas MyerZ, slightly more boastfully, compares the MMU team to NaVi.

Derby was a difficult game…  they’re a strong team with decently executed strats… They hammered us when we were on the economical backfoot… We struggled on the CT side… Me (MyerZ) and Patrol were playing way too aggressive on A… the pause to call passive won us the rounds we needed and helped us close out the game.”

“If you gave Aston an inch they’d take a metre…I had trouble with Stanley, he was left right and centre… They were a strong all rounded team.”

…Maybe go A next time? 

The finals

“We came into every game with the mindset to respect every opponent, you’re going into the dark.”

The team sounded confident in talks of the finals, and were eager to prove that they were not only finalists, but capable of being NUEL champions. Talks of demo reviews were mentioned, with the team claiming they understand DMU’s playstyle, and how to abuse the flaws in their setups.

“J4ck sounded a bit cocky in that interview, p90 and all that… I’m gonna teach Jack to respect every player next week… We got something prepared for them, I hope they’re ready.” 

It’s worth noting that previous game between the finalists could not have been much closer, with DMU narrowly closing out Cache 16-14. A one map disadvantage is surely going to be a blow to MMU, but not one from which they cannot recover from.

“Myself ( A T I) and my team want this more than ever! After losing to them the first time with a really close score line, I feel that we can take them down now that we know each other more as a team.”

The match up of star players J4ck and Protector will definitely be the hottest head-to-head in NUEL this season – with competitive tensions and their approaches to the game flaring up into fierce rivalry.

Protector (On entry fragging): “I don’t bait like J4ck; the best player should go in first.”

With both teams looking to crown themselves as NUEL CSGO Winter 2016 Champions, the likelihood of a to-the-wire series, and with either side having things to prove, this is not a match to miss.

The best-of-five finals will be streamed next Monday 7.15pm.

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