Issues creating a team

When trying to create a team, the page refreshers or send me back the homepage

This is most likely caused because either yourself or a member of your team doesn’t have a verified NUEL account.

How to fix:

  1. Check that your account is verified – if you’re not sure, go to the Homepage, make sure you’re logged in and see if there’s a box that says “Verify your account”. If the box is there, follow the instructions and verify your account.
  2. If your trying to register a pre-existing team: Check that your team mates have verified accounts – you an do this by going to your team page and checking to see if any of your players have [Unverified]┬áby their name, they need to be verified before you can join the tournament, so either kick them from the team or tell them to follow step 1.

How do I know if my team is registered

Go to the Tournament Page, click the “Teams” tab and if your team is in the “Eligible to play” list you’re good to go.

Check the “Ineligible to play” list if you can’t initially see your team, this is underneath the eligible list so you’ll need to scroll down. The main reason a team is in this list is if you don’t meet the minimum number of players required for to play in that tournament.

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