League of Legends, Tournament Preview

League of Legends Summer 2016 Preview

SUMMER HEADERAnother year of university has come to an end. Yet while courses may be temporary, League of Legends is for ever. The Summer Tournament proper starts this Sunday after a viciously fought week of qualification matches. Seedings have been established and we’re all ready to kick off another six weeks of Rift mayhem.


In total we have had twenty-eight teams sign up so there’s plenty of competition for a place in the Finals, not to mention the Gauntlet to negotiate. All teams were created equal, but some are more equal than others and we shall endeavour to find the most equal of them all.

Teams to Watch

Reading Pwn Stars (University of Reading)

This team from Reading actually took the first seed in qualifiers. With the likes of former NUEL 5, Manalight and Misfits coach Frozen Dawn on their roster, expect them to be battling at the top of the table. Coming soon to a stream near you.

UEA Memers (University of East Anglia)

The UEA Memers had a fantastic regular season and finished 5th in the GAME National Championship. They faced off against the eventual runners-up in a Memers vs Memers showdown with Cambridge, missing out narrowly on a spot in the semi-finals. With only UoB TCA Storm returning from the top four of the regular season, the UEA Memers will be looking to make their case.

Droolio and the Gang (University of Bath)

If you’ve been on the NUEL LoL Facebook group, you will have come across Droolz and the lads. Fresh off a 6th placed finish in the regular season, expect more highlight reels, 11/10 video editing and questionable Youtube content.

UoB TCA Storm (University of Birmingham)

The team that’s known as “forever second” broke their curse in the regular season. Unfortunately, that meant being knocked out in the semi-finals (awkward). Whether they can reclaim the dizzying heights of second remains to be seen, though altitude sickness may have got the better of them. Either way, expect them near, if not at, the top of the table.

Hairy Heralds (University of Southampton)

A team captained by PrivatePayne of the regular season’s Kranky Krugs (10th), this team from Southampton have big aspirations after a solid week of qualifying. We’ll keep an eye on these rift critters.

UoE We Never Play (University of Exeter)

This team is made up of five of the members from Guck Files with a couple of fresh faces, a 14th placed finisher in the regular season. Hopefully they’ll keep playing. Maybe they won’t. Nobody knows. Apparently they don’t even play League of Legends.

Top Universities

These universities were extra keen to get teams out, so much so that they signed up more teams than anyone else. Congratulations, have a high-five.

University of Birmingham – 5 teams

Bangor University – 3 teams

University of Keele – 3 teams

Unfortunately the NUEL doesn’t do participation medals, but great job nonetheless.

Top Team Names

Best team names? Well there were plenty to choose from. Here are my favourites:

Chat Shit; Get Bang(or)ed – a fun, university themed twist on a popular phrase. Always respect the consequences of your actions. Thank you for bringing Vardy’s party to us Bangor University.

UoB Sharknado – the University of Birmingham love their storms, but this is the most awe-inspiring of them all. Taking inspiration from the cult classic and box office non-entity “Sharknado”, nothing quite inspires fear in your enemies like a hurricane…. Made up of sharks… If they make it to the Gauntlet, expect them to throw themselves at it with all the vigour of a man with a chainsaw jumping through a shark (yes that actually happens – spoilers). Whether they’ll emerge unscathed is a different matter entirely.

Icey Dead People – I’ve been a fan of this team for a long time, not least because I play for them upon occasion (University of Durham represent). A reference to Haley Joel Osment in the film “The Sixth Sense” the name is a film critic’s dream. The punning use of “Icey” to represent “I see” brings into focus the cold, harsh reality of man’s mortality. Aren’t we all, after all, born to die? No one survives life, but you might as well play League of Legends.

Reading Pwn Stars – the University of Reading have decided to use an ingenious pun. There are multiple levels. According to Urban Dictionary, to “pwn” is “the act of dominating an opponent”. However, by calling themselves the Reading Pwn Stars, they have associated themselves with the word “pornstar”, an actor or actress who works in pornography. Thus they insinuate that they will both dominate their opponents while producing pleasing content for their viewers. Expect some filthy highlight reels.





Tournament matches start at 6:45pm this Sunday, but make sure not to miss the Captains’ meeting at 6:30pm. Check-in closes at 5:30pm so don’t be late. Good luck!

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