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League of Legends Summer Tournament 2017

Now that exams have finished and the summer has officially started, we are excited to announce this year’s NUEL Summer Tournament for League of Legends! If you are graduating this year you are still eligible to play in the Summer Tournament, so make sure to sign-up and make the most of your last chance to play in the NUEL!

Signups  will be opening soon, so stay tuned!



Dates: 23rd July to 20th August

All teams will be playing for a total of four weeks, with the fifth week as a Best-of-Three format for the top four teams. We’ve made a super useful graphic to illustrate the format:


Each player on the first-place team will win an official NUEL hoodie!

On the Night

As usual, the captains meeting will be held on discord and you will need to check-in your team via the website on the night.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest NUEL updates, and make sure to tweet at us with the hashtag #NUELsummer with any funny moments, insane plays, questions or feedback that you may have!

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