League of Legends, Tournament Report

League of Legends: Summer Tournament Week 4 Recap

SUMMER HEADERAnother week of League of Legends, another week of dreams crushed. What a time to be alive.

At the Top

  • Aston Aunties – Aston University                                                      277
  • UoE We Never Play – University of Exeter                                      248
  • UEA Memers – University of East Anglia                                         244
  • Strathy – University of Strathclyde                                                  240
  • Droolio and the Gang – University of Bath                                     231
  • Our Mid Carries Us – University of Exeter                                      208
  • UoB Sharknado – University of Birmingham                                 208

The Aston Aunties are soaring at the top of the table after an undefeated week sitting almost 29 points ahead of their closest rivals. They managed to cruise their way past UoB Sharknado, Droolio and the Gang and finally the UEA Memers with MVP performances from players MSR and J3T. They’re looking unstoppable.

The rest of the top five are much closer with only 8 points between them. UoE We Never Play are in second after Aston knocked them off the top while the UEA Memers have moved up two places after claiming second in the week’s proceedings. Droolio and the Gang and Strathy have slipped a couple of places, Strathy still one up despite losing in their matchup in the first round.

Our Mid Carries Us and UoB Sharknado sit in joint 6th. The team from Exeter managed to see off ICey Penguins from Imperial in their final round. Meanwhile UoB Sharknado managed to bag themselves another university derby match, this time against UoB TCA Storm, a team they had lost to in qualification. The sharks came out on top, adding to their derby victory over Thunderstorm from the previous week. In both cases the sharks were just too much for the more traditional storms and took home the spoils, proving that even Mother Nature is terrified of cheap special effects.

Coming Soon!

We are entering the final week of matches this Sunday before the dreaded Gauntlet Week. Sound ominous? Think Way of the Warrior from the CBBC show “Raven” and you’ll get close (fewer feathers and gold rings). Join us at 6:30 for the captains’ meeting. Matches start at 6:45pm. May the luck of the raven’s eye be with you, and let the challenge… begin.

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