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League of Legends: Summer Tournament Week 5 Recap


So ends Week 5 of the Summer Tournament with teams engaging in a final scramble for precious points. Only the top eight get through to the latter stages with the top two receiving automatic semi-final places. The other six will be competing in this weekend’s Gauntlet for places in aforementioned semi-finals. So who made it?

At The Top

  • Aston Aunties (Aston University)                                         377
  • UEA Memers (University of East Anglia)                          334
  • Strathy (University of Strathclyde)                                      317
  • UoE We Never Play (University of Exeter)                      316
  • Droolio and the Gang (University of Bath)                      294
  • Our Mid Carries Us (University of Exeter)                      285
  • UoB Sharknado (University of Birmingham)                  285
  • UoB TCA Storm (University of Birmingham)                 267

Aston Aunties topped the standings as they beat the UEA Memers in this week’s final. The match was in fact a repetition of the previous week’s final with both teams making it in consecutive weeks. In a Midlands derby reminiscent of the regular season, the Aston Aunties beat UoB TCA Storm in the first round before advancing past Our Mid Carries Us.

The UEA Memers saw off competition from the previously second placed UoE We Never Play in the first round, effectively ending the Exeter team’s hopes of qualifying for the semis automatically. They then managed to take down UoB Sharknado, able to fin-ish them off without too much gill-t (I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of any way to fit dorsal in, it’s a tough pun to make). Though they lost to Aston, the UEA Memers took second.

Strathy saw off Team Swansong, Droolio’s Merry Men and the Icey Penguins to claim an unbeaten week as well as third place. Their victory against the Icey Penguins ended the Imperial College team’s outsider chances of reaching the Gauntlet.

UoE We Never Play were able to see off the Reading Pwn Stars prematurely, a scenario which I’m sure the Pwn Stars were not at all used to. Evidently the loss gave the Pwn Stars performance anxiety as they also succumbed to UoB Overcast. Despite claiming victory, UoE We Never Play lost to Our Mid Carried Us in a heated Exeter derby match. This dropped the former from third, We Never Play having to settle for fourth. Their counterparts snagged a comfortable joint sixth with UoB TCA Storm.

It wasn’t a great week for Droolio and the Gang as they lost their first two matches. However, they were able to secure a win against Bangorladesh in their final game meaning they held fifth place at the end of proceedings.

UoB TCA Storm had a Midlands derby week. A loss to the Aston Aunties in the first round meant a second round date with fellow Brummies UoB Thunderstorm. One derby win did not lead to another as they faced their university nemesis UoB Sharknado yet again. Yet again, the sharks managed to beat TCA Storm. This resulted in warm air rising from the aggrieved shouts of the team, forming an area of low pressure where this air then cooled and condensed, encouraging cloud formation (ie. depression). Nonetheless, both teams secured places in the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet will last five rounds starting at 5pm this Sunday with Semi-finals and Finals the week after. The Gauntlet will run as a double elimination tournament (same as wildcard) with winner of both winners and losers finals qualifying for the semi finals.

Number of byes awarded

3rd 3 byes

4th 2 byes

5-8 0 byes


1st place: 6400 RP + Triumphant Ryze + Level 10 M Headset / Player

2nd place: 4800 RP + Black V2 Mouse + White-Ra Mouse pad / player

3rd place: 3200 RP + Black Element Mouse +White-Ra Mouse Pad/ player

4th place: 1800 RP / player

5th place – 8th place: 800 RP / player

Remember to tune in at 5pm this Sunday. See you on the Rift!


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