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LoL Championship: Week 3 Roundup


Another week goes by with some surprising results from the regional tournaments and an interesting set of games at the top of the national league, here’s how the weekend went:

At The Top: National League

This week saw shifts throughout the top 8. Most notably UoB Storm’s poor week saw them drop to 2nd behind the Aston Aunties, who fought their way into the split finals next week. Facing Aston will be the Summer Tournament champions, Huddersfield White, whose performance this week pushed them from outside the top 8 to 5th place. Their route to the finals included beating UoB Storm and Grey Warwick, though the team from Warwick still overtook the Manchester Bunnies and Cambridge Memers to gain 3rd place.

Droolio and the Gang and Leeds A dropped outside the top 8. Aside from Huddersfield White, the USW Dragons were the other team to enter the top 8 in 6th place, well deserved as one of the teams to beat UoB Storm this week. Finally the Manchester Bunnies bounced down 4 spots to 8th place this week and just held onto a top 8 spot.

  1. Aston Aunties (Aston University)
  2. University of Birmingham Storm
  3. Grey Warwick (University of Warwick)
  4. Cambridge Memers (University of Cambridge)
  5. Huddersfield White (University of Huddersfield)
  6. USW Dragons (University of South Wales)
  7. Sussex Offenders (University of Sussex)
  8. Manchester Bunnies (University of Manchester)

At The Top: Regional Leagues

North and Scotland

There was little change in the standings at the top of the North and Scotland Regional league. PJ Saltford successfully defended their lead against the Abertay Aardvarks. UoE Blaze and BBK share third place for the second week running and two newcomers manage to break the top five. Yorick and Morty took a win off PJ Saltford to add to a 2/1 score this week whilst Star Hull Royal club also had a good week with a 2/1 score. The GSoC Nerds from the University of Stirling had a bad week with three losses losing their spot in the top five.

  • PJ Saltford (University of Salford)
  • Abertay Aardvarks (Abertay University)
  • BECKETT is BTEC and KET (University of Leeds)
  • UoE Blaze (University of Edinburgh)
  • Star Hull Royal Club (University of Hull)
  • Yorick and Morty (University of York)


The unseen team on this list is perhaps the deadliest. DMUKappa from DeMontfort University had an excellent week taking wins from three teams in the top five, most notably UoB Tempest and Shefeeders. UoB Tempest managed to defend their place at the top alongside Shefeeders and another team from Sheffield University made it into the top five, the Sheffield 5. Death by SHU SHU had a lackluster 1/2 week which dropped them to the bottom of the top five losing to the colourfully named Worcester Weaboos from the University of Worcester.

  • UoB Tempest (University of Birmingham)
  • Shefeeders (University of Sheffield)
  • Staffs Last Resort (Staffordshire University)
  • Sheffield 5 (University of Sheffield)
  • Lincoln’s Last Knights (University of Lincoln)
  • Death By SHU SHU (Sheffield Hallam University)

South West and Wales

For the second week running Genrully better from the University of Portsmouth just miss out on the top five (I suppose this is an honourable mention because that has to be frustrating). Bristol A Team who were up for promotion last week had an abysmal week with three losses dropping to tenth. An impressive performance from Cardiff Welsh Guardians from Cardiff University saw them place fifth. Team Solent Mid, Typical Five and Aberystwyth University all manage to maintain their place in the top five.

  • Team Solent Mid (Southampton Solent University)
  • Typical Five (University of Plymouth)
  • Aberystwyth University (Aberystwyth University)
  • GangBangors (Bangor University)
  • Cardiff Welsh Guardians (Cardiff University)

London & Surrounding Area

A fantastic week for Better Read than Dead with a 3/0 to secure the top place in this region. In contrast Hobos with GoPros from the University of Westminster who took part in the promotion last week lost all of their games and dropped from joint first to twelfth. KW116 from the University of Greenwich also went 3/0 this week to snag the fifth place spot. Cambridge Tripos Fighter, Imperial Penguins and KU CS > LOL all performed well allowing them to stay in the top five.

  • Better Read than Dead (University of Reading)
  • Cambridge Tripos Fighter (University of Cambridge)
  • Imperial Penguins (Imperial College)
  • KU CSGO > LOL (Kingston University)
  • KW116 (University of Greenwich)

Featured Match

Our featured match this week is between Huddersfield White and Grey Warwick. Grey Warwick have been a consistently high placing team with a strong performance last year to place in the top 8 and the strong team this year is showing that they are a force to be reckoned with. Huddersfield White are the Summer champions and were heading into this game having just beaten the previous split champions, UoB Storm. The winner of this game is would go on to fight against Aston Aunties in the finals this coming weekend so the stakes were high.

The first notable point of the game is a gank on princephillip’s Jax which burns his flash. Nollett on JarvanIV was not available for the counter gank as he had gone very low taking raptors to deny IHazCatz’ Kindred the passive stacks from killing them. Whilst this is going on the two midlaners are exchanging a hefty amount of poke to try and decide who will take control of the lane.

After recalling from raptors Nollett heads bot side to try and gank the bot lane. A great hook from DankGrabs420 on Thresh (living up to his name) leaves the Kr1z’ Vayne without a heal and Armour’s Nautilus without flash and exhaust. Kr1z  doesn’t learn to respect how dank the grabs can be and is hooked almost immediately after Nollet leaves lane which results in the first blood for MrRogers’ Ezreal.

A return gank from Nollett at the 7 minute mark yielded a kill onto Armour for DankGrabs420. A delayed counter gank from IHazCatz yields a kill from DankGrabs420. Insec2GDragonDBZ on Gnar simultaneously forces princephillip out of lane after  with a well played trade.

DankGrabs420 comes up huge again when he lands a beautiful tumble-predicting hook onto kr1z which results in a kill for MrRogers. With support from Nollett the Warwick bot lane stay and attempt to take the bot lane turret but they are foiled by a great hook from Armour onto DankGrabs420 results in a death for the Thresh and the followup ultimate from Nautilus onto Nollett who dove the turret to help nets another kill for IHazCatz. Fancying his chances in the 2 v 1 MrRogers attempts to kill both IHazCatz and Armour but can only take one to the grave as IHazCatz picks up a triple kill keeping Huddersfield in the game. A 1 v 1 kill for Gnar evens up the kills which puts Huddersfield slightly ahead with one tower to nil.

After a kill onto TheHeadCrusher’s Orianna both SharpyX and IHazCatz get caught by a roaming bot lane duo, Ezreal with his early Rageblade and DankGrabs420’s undodgeable hooks the duo pick up 3 kills after Armour roams mid to help out (a very nice last hit hook to finish off IHazCatz).

Over the 10 mins IHazCatz works to even up the kills and Kr1z picks up 2 kills which puts them back in the game. Huddersfield also picked up the first dragon which helped them stem the bleeding. The Frozen Mallet buy from InSec2GDragonDBZ also completely shut down princephillip’s Jax and his ability to split push.

At 22 minutes, the Warwick team groups and takes the inner mid lane turret. Huddersfield seem to have a breakdown in communication as no one tries to defend and Warwick promptly rotate bot and take another inner turret. A call must have gone down in the Huddersfield team to attempt to prevent them from taking the turret as Armour and Kr1z rotate to flank Warwick but the rest of the team fall back and Warwick is able to pick up a kill onto Armour and push through and take the first inhibitor of the game.

The Warwick team really fail to push this advantage as they are unable to take any more major objectives after this. A messy set of skirmishes around the next baron result in a baron for Huddersfield. This is a large turning point in the game and Huddersfield regain control of the map.

The Huddersfield team group bot at around 30 minutes to push through with baron empowered minions and take the last remaining inner turret for Warwick. The Huddersfield side back away from the turret as they only have 3 to Warwick’s 4 (as both top laners are split pushing) and set up a trap for Warwick in the entrance to the river. Through impressive mechanics on Vayne and a great flank from Gnar, the Huddersfield side successfully pull off the ambush and ace Warwick and take dragon.

At this late point in the game Kr1z’s Vayne has become a monster and Huddersfield use this to apply pressure and make picks from Warwick members that are too slow to escape. A double kill for Kr1z onto Orianna and Ezreal is the nail in the coffin for Warwick as Huddersfield push through as 5 and take the entire base which means that it will be Huddersfield White who are playing against the Aston Aunties next Sunday


ihascatz2 mvp

My MVP for this match was IHazCatz with 9/1/8 on Kindred. In the early game he was in the right place at the right time and picked up an important triple kill, his control of dragon and consistently good ultimates kept Huddersfield in the game. This is also the second time he won MVP, after he won MVP for the Summer Tournament final.

Join us this weekend for more action from the NUEL. Can the Aunties defeat the intimidating side from Huddersfield? Matches start at 6:45 on Sunday, hope to see you there!

~ Oscar ‘Oska_’ Pelling & Peter ‘Aezure’ Dakin

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