League of Legends, Tournament Preview

LoL Spring Championship, Division 1 groups C&D Preview

Key: [S:1 = South Seed 1, N:8 = North Seed 8]

In this article, we showcase what teams we predict will make it out of the group, along with a loser’s game, a winner’s game and a final game.

Group C

Game 1, Best UK mid (N:2) vs UAE Monkey Cage (S:7)

Best UK mid finished top of the North table, tied with UoS Fire but with a slightly lower OMW of 60.42%, the lowest of the top 5 teams in fact. By comparison Monkey Cage finished 7th by nature of their OMW of 62.04, tying with 4 other teams for 3rd spot. It is a stat that belies their ability considering the strength of the group and just how fierce contention was for the top spots. Best UK Mid boast a strong and solid lineup, averaging mid diamond as a team. Monkey Cage have a similar average, though this hides Lolman07, who is the only challenger player in this game. The key factor of this game will decided in the jungle: Monkey Cage will undoubtedly look to their challenger level jungler Lolman07 to make plays and get them an early lead, especially if he gets his hands on some power picks like Sejuani or Skarner, and with some more aggressive champions like lee sin under his belt Trilipe will be looking to shut him down wherever possible. As the lowest ranked player in both teams the pressure will be on Best Uk Mid’s support Rho to step up to the plate, something that thus far he has done, but not often against players of this level.

With both teams opting for safer midlaners there will be huge emphasis on the botlane, and with both sides of similar rank I expect the jungle to be the deciding factor, combined with Monkey Cage’s recent excellent form.

Thus I predict Monkey Cage will win this one.


Game 2, Sussex Offenders (S:3) vs LU Gon’ Give It To Ya (N:6)

Sussex finished third in a highly contested group, with the second highest OMW of 64.81%. LU boast a similar position, 6th only due to their OMW of 62.04% and tied third with 6 other teams. With both teams holding 9 wins and 3 losses I expect this to be a close one. Sussex have shown time and again that the sum is greater than the parts, and despite a high platinum/low diamond have consistently beaten higher ranked teams. LU hold a similar average, though with greater range of ranks (D2 to P2). LU will be looking to shake things up, something that their midlaner A Grumpy Pig has shown to be exceptional at, and Sussex midlaner Teckay will likely have his hands full in this game. Sussex toplaner Chappll will also be looking to leverage any advantage he can get with some more aggressive toplane picks, such as Aatrox, though he faces LU’s creatively named DeathByLollipops, their highest ranked player and one who boasts an exceptionally large champion pool. On paper both teams look similar, though LU might appear to have the upper hand. However when we factor in the relative strengths of the groups Sussex have had a much harder time, and given the focus on late game teamfighting that Sussex have shown I fear that unless LU can leverage an early advantage they will not be able to overcome the Sussex side.

For this reason I predict Sussex will win this one.


Winner’s game: UAE Monkey Cage vs Sussex Offenders

Loser’s game: Best UK Mid vs LU Gon’ Give It To Ya

Group D

Game 1: Super Duper Giant Truck Team (S:2) vs The bUoYs (N:7)

It’s been a dream run for the Truck Team. Taking second place with 10 wins, they are holding the highest OMW of any team in the NUEL this championship (71.53%), with the other Exeter team taking the top spot. The bUoYs have had a solid run as well, with 9 wins but a low OMW of 59.72%.

On paper York should have nothing to fear: they boast one of the highest average ranks of nearly any team in the group, a large champion pool for every role, a solid history of games. And yet in a group of many such teams Truck Team have emerged victorious, down to a combination of throwing off opponents with off-meta picks and playing objectives very well. Exeter will likely revolve around the solid toplane presence of Whatley to be the rock upon which their team is built, something that Gimli will attempt to break down with an aggressive Gnar or Sion pick. Meanwhile Truck jungler Melvinizzle’s champion pool ranges from Nunu to Shyvana and all the way to Ivern, leaving York’s Fredstaa with a hell of a job trying to counterpick. As good as the York team is, I simply can’t see them beating a team that has dealt with similar teams so effectively, and emerged higher from an arguably stronger group. Not only that but Exeter have either never played or beaten all of the teams in their group, giving them an advantage going in. Expect an unpredictable game though.

I predict this one will go to Super Duper Giant Truck Team.


Game 2: Noltley’s E-girl Squad (N:3) vs 50 kent (S:6)

Noltley’s E-girl Squad have thus far been a force to be reckoned with, finishing third with a high OMW of 69% and 9 wins. 50 Kent however are not only last year’s winners but on track for a high finish this year, with 9 wins and a respectable 62.5% OMW. The player to watch will of course be Skudzy: the contracted former challenger jungler has proven to be a rock solid player and with his presence Kent’s objective control has been second to none. It will likely be the responsibility of Noltley’s LeBrown to keep him in check. Noltley n the other hand will perhaps look to master level Yusa to make the plays that bring them to victory. This is a game that can go either way, although on paper 50 Kent have the advantage. What stands out about Noltley is the versatility of the team, with nearly every player having good experience in different lanes. This gives them the advantage of being able to field mains consistently without having to force themselves onto counterpicks they have less experience with. Considering the focus 50 Kent have had on picking meta champions this might be enough to give them the edge. Nevertheless 50 Kent’s objective control is a wall that they must deal with, and something that I feel will be insurmountable in the end.

For this reason I predict 50 Kent will win this game.

Winner’s game: Super Duper Giant Truck Team vs 50 Kent

Loser’s game: The bUoYs vs Noltley’s E-girl Squad

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