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LoL Spring Championship, Week 2 Power Rankings


1. 50 Kent (5-1, South & Wales, University of Kent). [-]

Although 50 Kent no longer boast a lossless record, their strong wins over other contenders such as Prelude Gaming and IC Monkeys so far suggest to me they are still the frontrunners of the split.    Their loss to the Exeter B team is still surprising, but there is no reason to think that come playoff time, Skudzy’s veteran impact in a best-of series should prove decisive.


2. Sponsored by Hyper-Exe LUL (6-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter) [+1]

Whilst the Exeter B team has been racking up upset wins and headlines, the Exeter A team have quietly continued their dominant start to the Spring Split. As Monkey Cage (the team that knocked out Exeter last split) once again went 2-1 and are still a ways off from the top of the leaderboard, there isn’t much throwing caution to the wind of the Exeter hype train. The improvement of all the Exeter teams should not be understated, as even their C and D teams have been posting great results so far, both going 4-2 so far.


3. Prelude Gaming (5-1, South & Wales, University of Southampton [+1]

Much like the Exeter team, the Southampton A team will enjoy a rise up the rankings as Monkey Cage sits with a 4-2 ranking at present. As the team continues to practice and play over the weeks, I expect Southampton to play around their strengths more. Southampton pose a unique strength much alike Grey Warwick did last year (with Kerber0s) where Prelude in C’s strength as a top layer can be a very useful tool in pick and bans, where teams are scared to face his champions (particularly his Urgot) and thus draft around his top tier picks, which gives a lot of space for Southampton to create strong drafts.


4. UAE Monkey Cage (4-2, South & Wales, University of East Anglia [-2]

Whilst Monkey Cage indeed have gone through another ‘poor’ week, they are still much within reach of the playoffs. A historical look at their previous regular season run suggests much of the same, given that they also started 4-2 in the Spring Split. But recent results should not be underestimated, and for that reason, Monkey Cage falls slightly down in the rankings. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team pick up form in the last two weeks, given that this 5 man roster have been in back to back NUEL finals from the Summer tournament to the Spring Split.


5. Sheff ucked me (6-0, North & Midlands, University of Sheffield) [NEW]

I would be remiss not to mention one of three 6-0 teams in the Spring Split, despite not featuring them in my previous standings. The Sheffield A team are currently the only undefeated team in the North & Midlands region, as other contenders such as the Loughborough and Leeds A team have suffered recent losses. Although the last split would likely point out that most of the top teams are in the South & Wales region, I would not be surprised if a new contender such as the Sheffield A team make a run to the top. Hopefully, we can get more information about the team in the next two weeks.


6. Super Duper Giant Truck Team (6-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter) [+2]

In the first two weeks of regular season play, the Exeter B team have already successfully snagged wins from both finalists from the previous split, and they no longer look like an outside contender in this split. As mentioned previously, all the Exeter teams have posted great results and Exeter B is a shining example of this. The next split week, which might feature a showdown between the A and B team might tell us more about where the Exeter B team will end up as the split comes to a close. For now, I would safely put the Exeter B team in 6th, but I would not be surprised to see them rise in the rankings as they have shown no signs of weaknesses against the best of opponents the NUEL has had to offer.


7. Noltey’s E-girl Squad (5-1, North & Midlands, University of Leeds [-2]

Historically the best team from the last split in the North & Midlands region, the Leeds A team dropped a game vs Fake Taxi SHUK, a surprising result as they seemed poised to continue dominating the region. The team seems like a lock to enter the playoffs as a top contender, but they will need to step up in the coming weeks if they expect to perform better than they did the last split, where they ended up a very respectable 4th.


8. IC Monkeys (5-1, South & Wales, Imperial College [NEW]

Featured as last week’s dark horses, the Imperial team deserve a spot in the rankings after beating both Monkey Cage and Grey Warwick (without Kerber0s) in the second week of play in a classy 3-0 second-week run. The team looks particularly scary with the return of Carniflexin, a legendary midfielder of NUEL fable. Carniflexin was a member of the Cambridge roster from 2016 that ended up placing 2nd in a previous NUEL split. Despite barely playing League of Legends in the previous years, Carniflexin somehow still looks like one of the best midlaners in the NUEL split, with a deep champion pool and understanding of the game. I hope to see Imperial climb up the rankings as the surrounding cast of the team are all solid players with a strong understanding of the game, given that they already posted great results last split without Carnfliexin.


Dark Horses

Grey Warwick (4-2, South & Wales, University of Warwick)

The bUoYs (5-1, North & Midlands, University of York)

Fake Taxi SHUK (5-1, North & Midlands, Sheffield Hallam University)

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