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LoL Spring Championship, Week 3 Power Rankings


1.  50 Kent (7-2, South & Wales, University of Kent). [-]

The hardest decision to make this week was whether or not 50 Kent should have been usurped as the top team in this split, but I will stick with last week’s reasoning for keeping them atop the table. Simply put, Skudzy is the quintessential veteran leading jungle presence within the NUEL and this has a significant impact over a game, but more so over a series, considering he has a complete champion pool and more tournament experience than most teams put together. Having played with him last year, I can attest to the fact that Skudzy changes the macro play of a team in an incredible manner.


2. Sponsored by Hyper-Exe LUL (9-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter) [-]

The Exeter A team once again finished with an undefeated week, and now stand as the only undefeated team in the competition. The only thing that precludes them from taking the top spot right now is my opinion on how strong 50 Kent is as a playoff team in comparison to Exeter A, who struggled to make the finals last time around vs Monkey Cage. Otherwise, I am fully confident that the Exeter team will perform better than they did the last split considering how capably they’ve handled the rest of the competition in the South & Wales region.


3. UAE Monkey Cage (7-2, South & Wales, University of East Anglia [+1]

Monkey Cage finally completed a 3-0 week in this Spring Split, and are officially back on track as expected. Although they did defeat the Exeter A team comfortably the last split in series play, I think the Exeter team has made vast improvements from the last split, particularly considering the strength of results from all their teams. Regardless, Lolman07 is still one of the two scariest jungles within the NUEL and I would not be surprised if Monkey Cage are back in the finals again because of it.


4. Grey Warwick (7-2, South & Wales, University of Warwick [NEW]

Although Grey Warwick boast a rather average record when it comes to being ranked 4th in the power rankings, the strength of their full line-up should be respected. They are currently undefeated when Kerber0s has been playing with the team, and have recorded some defiant wins so far. The team has made a lot of moves since the last split to strengthen themselves in other places apart from the top lane, such as bringing in a coach to do pick & bans and making the most out Warwick talent from other teams. Their dominant wins last week vs IC Monkeys and UCL Exodus were especially impressive, and a reflection of how good they can potentially be. Although Kerber0s is not the highest ranked laner in the NUEL, he poses a significant threat in his capability to play almost any champion at a Master tier level, which provides the Warwick team with incredible diversity in the draft, a big series play strength.


5. Noltey’s Egirl Squad (8-1, North & Midlands, University of Leeds) [+2]

Although they had a dip in performance in the previous week, the University of Leeds A team staked their claim back on the North & Midlands region with three wins over the bUoYs, UoS Fire and Sheff ucked me. Over the last split, a common trend shared by most top teams is that they house top tier junglers, and Noltey is certainly one of these jungles within the university circuit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leeds team once again post another top playoff performance.


6. Super Duper Giant Truck Team (8-1, South & Wales, University of Exeter) [-]

The Exeter B team, despite being the definitive 2nd placed team in the South & Wales region find themselves unable to climb up the rankings again, simply due to the lack of historical success in the previous split. Although they have created huge upsets from the start of the split until now,  we still have no idea how they would fair in series play, particularly when compared to all the other aforementioned, teams who have posted great results in previous splits. Nevertheless, the team has found a clear winning methodology in the Bo1 games so far and I look forward to seeing how they apply that to the playoffs, should nothing crazy happen next week.


7. LU Gon’ Give It Ya (8-1, North & Midlands, Loughborough University [NEW]

Although the change in the standings of the North & Midlands region seem to be an alternative rendition of musical chairs, the Loughborough A team have twice finished atop the standings of the region so far, and appear to be one of the true contenders from the region. Although there is still a week of gameplay left to go, I expect Loughborough to come out of the regular season as a top placing team, with the potential to create upsets in the playoffs.


8. Bristol Palace (8-1, South & Wales, University of Bristol) [NEW]

The Bristol A team snagged two top tier wins against 50 Kent and Prelude Gaming last week, and are now a top three team within the South & Wales region. A relatively unheard of team and group of players that made the playoffs last split, they are now poised to finish the regular season as a top placing South & Wales team. Although the team doesn’t seem to have a particular star player, nor do they seem to have any weaknesses. I’d love to see more of the team as we circle into the playoffs, as they seem to be a very solid team.


Dark Horses

“Best UK Mid” (8-1, North & Midlands, University of Leicester)

Prelude Gaming (7-2), South & Wales, University of Southampton)

Sheff ucked me (7-2, North & Midlands, University of Sheffield)

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