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LoL Winter Championship 2017 Week 3 Recap

The dust has settled on another week of League of Legends action. There’s only one more week till the knockout stages and with only eight places per region, every win is crucial. This week saw the end of many unbeaten records, every rung climbed on the ladder just that little bit more slippery. Here’s a rundown of the how things progressed.

Current Standings


University of Leeds Team A (9)
The bUoYs (8)
Hullageddon (7)
Team INT (7)
Watt Puns are cringe (7)
Daddy’s Angels (7)

Week Two saw University of Leeds Team A and The bUoYs pulling ahead of the rest of the North with six wins out of six. Both teams had to wait till their second match to to face each other this week. The bUoYs saw off Team INT while Leeds knocked down We R Pristin! The top of the table clash resulted in University of Leeds Team A securing sole possession of first place going into the fourth week of the competition. A win against in-form challengers Icey Dead People from Durham meant that they maintained their 100% record. The bUoYs rallied to defeat Hullageddon, preventing them from taking second place. A 3-0 week from Watt Puns are Cringe saw them sail up the board while the rest of the pack knocked games off each other. With Leeds having all but cemented their place in the knockouts, the competition remains fierce for the remaining seven spots as an incredible fifteen teams sit poised on six wins.



DMUrGirl (8)
UoB Movie (8)
Tons Of A$$ (7)
UoL Tigers (7)
Compliments to the Sheff (7)
Midland Kings (7)

The newly christened CU APES and DMUrGirl were the two undefeated teams at the end of the previous week. However, a defeat to UoL Tigers for De Montfort meant that they lost ground on their rivals. CU APES maintained their record as they made their way through a Sharknado, Tigers and Tons of A$$ (probably a good pub story). A bye for UoB Movie meant that pulled ahead of their Sharknado counterparts. Despite losses, Tons Of A$$, UoL Tigers and Compliments to the Sheff all remain in the top eight. However, a 3-0 week for the Midland Kings at a time when their rivals were exchanging blows mean Aston’s finest have stolen a march on the competition. With eleven teams all on six wins, it’s still all to play for.


Reading is hard (8)
Grey Warwick Academy (7)
Grey Warwick (7)
Marauder Warwick (7)
50 Kent – In Da Rift (7)
Extra ThICc (7)
UAE Monkey Cage (7)
ICawin (7)

There are no undefeated teams in London and the South-East as Grey Warwick took revenge on their Academy for last week’s embarrassment. With both of the Warwick teams losing in their final games as well as a 2-1 for Marauder Warwick, their hopes of claiming three of the knockout places were somewhat dented. However, with Feral Warwick lurking just a win behind, the likelihood of intra-university clashes is remarkably high. It was Reading is hard who claimed the top spot, defeating KCL Red, UCL Exodus and Grey Warwick en route. Summer winners UAE Monkey Cage went 3-0 this week to push themselves up the table as they look to make up for previous losses. Eight teams are tied for second on seven wins meaning that although there is no undefeated team, snagging one of the eight knockout places may be too much to ask for many of the teams lower down.



Soton Smurfers (8)
Bristol Palace (8)
Shout out to my Exe (7)
DRG (7)
Christian eSports Society (7)
BUsh did nine eleven (7)
Twisted Treeline mains (7)
PlayOnceAWeek (7)

There are no 100% records in the South West and Wales as both BUsh did nine eleven and the Soton Smurfers incurred losses. Bournemouth had a particularly bad week going 1-2, their only win coming against the Brighton Panthers. The Panthers also had a shocker going 0-3 which saw them slide down the table and possibly out of contention for the knockouts. Bristol Palace could be seen as both the main beneficiary and culprit as they beat BUsh did nine eleven, Soton Smurfers and DRG to climb to the top spot. DRG and Shoutout to my Exe have kept pace with seven wins in total. Ten teams sit on six wins meaning that, with only one week to go, that extra point could prove valuable.

Next Week…

As per usual, check-in will be at 5:30pm so don’t be late! The captains’ meeting will be at 6:30pm will matches are expected to start at 6:45pm. It’s the final week of regionals, so good luck!

-James “Nilknarf” Franklin

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