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LoL Winter Championship 2017 Weeks 1-2 Recap

It’s been two weeks since the start of the tournament and teams have had the chance to make their case for being front-runners for their regions. The top teams have come out guns blazing, but there have been a fair few upsets. Here’s a quick overview of the current state of play.

Current Standings


The bUoYs University of York (6)

University of Leeds Team A University of Leeds (6)

Hullageddon University of Hull (5)

St ayy lets go University of St. Andrews (5)

Salford Lions University of Salford (5)

Dankchester Duckys University of Manchester (5)

We R Pristin! University of Central Lancashire (5)

Team INT University of Manchester (5)

The bUoYs from the University of York were identified early as one of the teams to look out for and have matched expectations with a 100% record. This included two matches against fellow York teams in the first week while the second week saw a victory against the highly-rated Strathy. However, they’ve been matched by University of Leeds Team A who saw off teams from Durham, Lancaster and York in the first week before defeating fellow title-chasers st ayyy lets go. This sets up a clash between Leeds and the bUoYs to establish the division’s top team, an early chance for one to pull ahead of the competition. Solid performances from Team INT and Dankchester Duckys saw both teams from the University of Manchester joining four others on five wins.


CUcks Coventry University (6)

DMUrGirl De Montfort University (6)

Fake Taxi SHUK Sheffield Hallam University (5)

Compliments to the Sheff University of Sheffield (5)

Tons of A$$ Aston University (5)

The Cereal Keelers Keele University (5)

UoL Tigers University of Leicester (5)

UoB Sharknado University of Birmingham (5)

UoB Movie University of Birmingham (5)


CUcks and DMUrGirl head up the Midlands division with six wins. Coventry’s finest managed to defeat last year’s runners-up Aston and a strong Cereal Keelers lineup. De Montfort’s six wins included Fake Taxi SHUK and UoB Sharknado, leaving both teams with their girls thoroughly dmed. The winner of the inevitable top of of the table clash will be able to increase the distance between them and the pack. The UoL Tigers suffered a loss in their first match of the tournament, but came back strong in their remaining five games, pushing themselves towards the top of the table. UoB Sharknado and UoB Movie have both started strong meaning the potential for a intra-university clash in Week Three is high. With Fake Taxi SHUK and Compliments to the Sheff sitting on five wins, a Sheffield derby looks to be on the cards.


Grey Warwick Academy University of Warwick (6)

UCL Exodus University College London (5)

Reading is Hard University of Reading (5)

Grey Warwick University of Warwick (5)

Surrey For Party Rockin’ University of Surrey (5)

KCL Red King’s College London (5)

Marauder Warwick University of Warwick (5)

Surrey Not Sorry University of Surrey (5)

Extra ThICc Imperial College (5)

It was civil war in London and the South-East as teams from Warwick surged up the rankings. This year’s favourites Grey Warwick have been outdone by their second team with Grey Warwick Academy sitting atop the table. With three out of three wins in the first week, it was almost inevitable the two would clash in the second week. Sure enough, they battled it out on the Rift, but somehow it was Warwick’s second team that came out on top. Yet that wasn’t the end as the Academy were forced to see off Marauder Warwick. However, this meant they pulled ahead of the eight teams that now sit on five wins. These include London rivals UCL Exodus, Extra ThiCc and KCL Red, first of whom were denied a 100% record by a recovered Grey Warwick. Summer Championship winners UAE Monkey Cage sit outside the current front-runners after losses to UCL Exodus in both weeks.


Soton Smurfers University of Southampton (6)

BUsh did nine eleven Bournemouth University (6)

Brighton Panthers University of Brighton (5)

DRG University of Bath (5)

Twisted Treeline Mains University of Exeter (5)

Shoutout to my Exe University of Exeter (5)

Bristol Palace University of Bristol (5)

Tahm to Take Out the Trash University of Southampton (5)

The Soton Smurfers beat the Brighton Panthers in their final game of Week Two to make it to the top of the Wales and South-West. They are joined by the politically aware lineup from Bournemouth named BUsh did nine eleven. The much fancied DRG (RIP Droolio) had a strong first week with new midlaner Will “Champions Tale” Zhang catching the eye, but were defeated by Bournemouth in their first match of the second week. However, they won the rest of their matches to ensure a 5-1 record over the first two weeks of the tournament. Exeter’s Twisted Treeline mains managed to adapt to the unfamiliar map that is the Rift and go undefeated in the second week. Their loss came against fellow university team Shout out to my Exe whose only loss came at the hands of the Soton Smurfers. Six teams share the same spot with five wins meaning the pressure remains on the top two before their inevitable clash on Sunday.

Week Three

Week Three begins this Sunday at 6:45pm with the captains’ meeting at 6:30pm. Make sure to check-in before 5:30pm to book your place in this week’s fixtures. Good luck!


James “Nilknarf” Franklin

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