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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 3

With the recent weather, one might feel like spring has already begun – even though it is yet another month till the flowers will start to bloom again. Fortunately, no one who plays Overwatch ever comes outside, and the Campus Clash Spring season is already in week 3!

Your casters for the evening were BiggHungryPhill (@BiggHungryPhill) and Geometric (@geometric).

The series tonight was between the Brookes Vipers from Oxford Brookes University and the Brunel Badashes from Brunel University for the first best of three.

The second one saw Hertfordshire Gold from the University of Hertfordshire take on :French_Bread: from the University of Leicester, who as everyone knows has been featured on previous’ seasons Match Reports.

While spring may loom in the United Kingdom, in Greece summer is always there. We start off on Ilios Lighthouse, where both teams run their own custom compositions. Although control maps are often well fit for both GOATS and dive compositions, we see Reinhardts, Moira and Zarya’s on both sides. Vipers round it out with a mobile offensive duo of Asteria on Tracer and Blackninja on the Doomfist, while the Badashes don’t play Ashe (what a waste) but go for Saywhat on Hanzo and Yeboi on Mei. An initial pick from Blackninja seems like a promising start for the Vipers, but they then overextend trying to pick off the rest of the Badashes. Although Iamatomatoe on Reinhardt is able to cap the point, he is immediately bullied off as the rest of his team has fallen. Saywhat throws a Dragonstrike trying to ensure control of the point, but it takes a little longer for the Brunel squad to actually capture it. The first subsequent push from Vipers already shows some cracks in the armor of the Badashes, as a very liberal ultimate economy policy from them allows the Vipers to take back the point. Not only that, but they are unable to gain any mileage out of Riks’ Graviton Surge, setting them further behind. The fight afterward shows similar problems for the Badashes, who can’t seem to get any real advantages out of their ultimates, as a Coalescence, Sound Barrier and Blizzard get traded for a Meteor Strike and Earthshatter. This means that the Vipers still control the point, while also getting a favorable ultimate economy trade, putting the Badashes even further behind. They are not out of it by a long shot, though: they get back control of the point at 99% and manage to get up to 70 percent. Unfortunately, the continued pressure from Blackninja on Doomfist, backed up expertly by Reb’s Zenyatta and Shadowstorm’s Zarya proves to be too much for them. They lose the next fight, and the Vipers take a 1-0 lead.
Perhaps emboldened by their first win, Vipers decide to run Torbjorn on Well. Well, of course, is a map where more unorthodox picks such as Roadhog and Orisa do extremely well. It is a shame to say that the Torbjorn did not have the greatest of times. The Well also proves to be the Badashes greatest friend, as KainMCWhip yells Halt and Saywhat hooks, leading to roughly half the Vipers squad dying by tumbling off the map. Badashes’ dominance continues, as they shut down Nanoboost and Dragonblade combinations with a single well placed Blizzard, and Blackninja still does not seem to have any impact on the game besides feeding ultimate charge.
It is here where there were some unfortunate broadcast issues, meaning that the rest of Ilios was not broadcasted. Despite losing Lighthouse, the Badashes bounced back and took Well. In the end, Vipers adapted and took Ilios 2-1.

Such a close match bodes well for the second map, Hanamura. Vipers continue with the unorthodox strategies with Blackninja on Junkrat and Asteria on the Soldier 76, while the Badashes fall back on a standard GOATS composition. Breaking through the gate proves hard, although the Vipers are unable to really get mileage out of the Junkrat at the start. The same can’t be said for the Soldier, who works great with IamTomatoe’s Reinhardt. Time starts ticking down, with both a Widowmaker and Ashe switch not really working out either for the Badashes. With only 10 seconds left on the clock, Iamtomatoe’s shield breaks and there is finally a window for Brunel. They swiftly capitalize, and not even a defensive Transcendence from Reb is enough to turn the fight around as the first point falls to the Badashes. The second point on Hanamura is notorious for being hard to take on offense. After Onemillion switches to Mercy there don’t really seem to be any openings big enough to exploit anymore for the Badashes, as Blackninja on Junkrat and Asteria on Soldier never seem to both die at the same time.
Only a single tick on the second point is all that is necessary for the Vipers to take the series 2-0. They go for an offensive Bastion (is there a limit to Blackninja’s pocket picks?) and push through without too much of a hassle, even with Yeboi trying to zone off people with well placed Mei walls. 6 minutes and 20 seconds left on the clock, and the Vipers seem to be poised to take the second game as well. The tempo simply proves to be too much for the Badashes, as they are able to hold on for a minute or two but the continuous aggression from the Vipers keeps them on the backfoot on defense the entire time. Special mention goes to Reb’s repeated Multi kills with the Zenyatta, showing a bloodthirsty side to everyone’s favorite Omnic Monk. A 2-0 victory in the end for Vipers, but an admirable showing from the Badashes.

The second best of three saw Hertfordshire Gold from the University of Hertfordshire take on :French_Bread: from the University of Leicester.

While Hertfordshire Gold is new to the stream, we have already seen :French_Bread: featured on the Campus Clash and in the Match Reports of last season. They were a force to be reckoned with there, with some saying their enemies still have the nightmare of Noxxy and Honeypops taking turns shooting rockets from the sky. Unfortunately for us, they decide to withhold us to witness such beauty and grace again, as they open Lijiang Tower – Control Center with the two of them on the Mei and Brigitte, respectively. What they do not withhold is showing us how incredibly dominant this team can be once they get their snowball rolling, pushing back Hertfordshire Gold back to spawn on the very first push. They seem to feel quite comfortable there as well, the rest of the map is them hanging out there, occasionally team killing the entirety of Hertfordshire Gold if they dare to leave spawn. While Hertfordshire tries to find openings and does an admirable job of trying to break through the brick wall, they are unable to and the first map goes down 100-0.
We move to Garden, and it is here where we see the Pharah Mercy composition that we saw in the previous season from :French_Bread:. As oppressive as it felt then, it does now. If you make it past the rain of rockets, you are greeted by Dewji, Eddyu, and Honeypops on Roadhog, Lucio and Wrecking Ball Respectively. Jbeans, on the Sombra, is able to turn around the fight when Leicester overextends and tries to spawn camp again. A quick EMP and great followup from the rest of Hertfordshire Gold mean we see the point going over to them, even though the respite is only momentarily. On the subsequent push, :French_Bread: take back the point, but this time it is a great Self-Destruct from Grimbark that takes down two and allows Hertfordshire to keep fighting. But what :French_Bread: wants, they get: a final switch to a full-on dive composition with Tracer and Doomfist gets them an Overtime capture, and they take Lijang Tower 2-0.

We move to Volskaya for what might be the final game of the evening, with :French_Bread: starting on offense and Hertfordshire Gold trying to hold their own like they did in the second round of Lijiang Tower on defense. The offensive composition is unorthodox, to say the least, with an offensive Bastion, Symmetra and Wrecking Ball, while Hertfordshire Gold goes for GOATS. The first point falls unceremoniously, with an incredibly strong initial push from Leicester. However, the second point proves to be much more of a hassle, and Gold show again that :French_Bread: can’t just mess around and take the win for free. They hold the main gate for two fights in a row, reducing their opponents time bank considerably. When a Graviton Surge and Self Destruct combo from Gold fails, disaster strikes. Dewji uses the opening to find himself an amazing Earthshatter, and the entirety of Gold goes down. They are able to stall long enough for their reinforcement distance to work its magic, and further chew through some costly :French_Bread: minutes. Honeypops hits a breathtaking Graviton Surge, just when you think that Gold is in control again, and this time there is no room for the defense to reassemble itself.
:French_Bread: falls back to a tried and true favorite composition of their own, that we have previously seen in Campus Clash: the 6 support composition. Similar to last time, it proves to be woefully ineffective and gets completely demolished by Gold on their first push. The tempo and ultimate economy lead generated by the offense there allows them to snowball the second point incredibly easily, we get a 2-2 score on Volskaya. Considering their smaller timebank, :French_Bread: are on the offense first. With a standard team composition, they look incredibly dominant as Hertfordshire Gold is unable to really find an opening like they did previously, allowing Leicester to cap both points in a very short amount of time.
A relatively long timebank is still available for Gold to turn this match around, but when :French_Bread: does well, they do so in an incredibly oppressive fashion. While it is not as onesided as the spawn camp we saw on the first round of Lijiang, it takes almost 4 minutes to cap the first point for Gold, leaving them very little space for mistakes as they try to even up the score once again on Volskaya. Repeated attempts at breaking the second point never seem to work out, even when fights start out great – with only a minute on the clock, Noxxy gets taken down by Jbeans but the follow up just doesn’t seem to be there. Primal Rage gets completely negated by a nice Sleep Dart from Jeti308. Even a final stand, with a great overtime push, is not enough in the end, but Gold did get very close to evening up the score again there. In the end, :French_Bread: take the win 2-0.

And on that note, an end has come to this week’s Match Report! I will be there next Monday, on the 25th of February at 7:15, joined by the lovely Roooc (@rooocgg). See you there!


Player to watch: Blackninja seems to have an incredibly deep Hero pool. I’d like to see where it ends in the upcoming weeks.
Highlight of the week: Offensive Bastions, everywhere. And working! Incredible.


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