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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 4

As the weather takes on record-breaking temperatures, we at the NUEL completely ignore that in favor of staying inside and broadcasting some amazing Overwatch matches – this week of the Overwatch Campus Clash was no exception.

The two series were between OwO Watts This from Heriot-Watt University and Fowl Play from the University of Lincoln up first, followed by the runner-ups from last season Y E E T from Staffordshire University versus LU Press Q from Loughborough University.

Your casters were the formidable Roooc (@Rooocgg) and this other random guy (@chroniclercasts).

We start off our lovely evening on Busan. Both teams seem to be evenly matched in terms of average level, so the expectation is a close best of three. On Sanctuary, Watts This seems to pay no attention to the recent nerfs to the regular 3 tanks 3 supports composition GOATS, opening up the map with it. On the other hand, Fowl Play reverts to the good old days of dive, with Ilyax on Tracer and Elduderino on Genji. A lack of AOE healing besides Gooseman’s Brigitte means that Carlizard on Mercy has difficulty dealing with the damage output from Watts This. DJDominic, dropping his Reinhardt shield just a little too long, is the first victim. Without the main tank, the rest of Fowl Play scatters in the winds, trying to disengage. Watts This refuses to give them any quarter. An extremely early Earthshatter and the subsequent staggered kills mean a huge ultimate economy advantage for Heriot-Watt.
Elduderino tries to take the next fight by storm, jumping in with a Dragonblade but he is shut down without getting any real damage done. Fowl Play then follows up with a Graviton Surge, and with an Earthshatter still in the bank, it seems like they should be able to turn the fight around. DJDominic gets taken down again before finding an opportunity to shatter, and the fight goes decidedly in the favor of Watts This. These little miscommunications and hitches in team synergy seem to be one of the prime reasons why Fowl Play is losing these back to back fights. It doesn’t feel like they’re necessarily outclassed on a mechanical level, but the level of cohesion from their opponent is proving tough to deal with. Sanctuary gets taken 100-0 for Watts This.
MEKA Base has barely started or Watts This finds themselves with another advantage. An overextension into an Ice Wall is adequately punished, and Fowl Play find themselves at a percentage deficit right from the get go. In terms of ultimate economy, however, they are slightly ahead of their opponents. A messy second fight breaks out, with Elduderino and Ilyax away from the main skirmish as they try to take the point against Lewpo’s Mei. Simultaneously, the brunt of their team gets dismantled by Kbourbery on the Reinhardt and Nicolauze on the Zarya. Two lost, extended fights mean that the ultimate economy is now severely behind for Fowl Play, with only 20% left for them. A Blizzard and Graviton Surge later, and Busan ends with a 2-0 for Watts This.

For our second map, we move to Junkertown, the Australian Outback that has seen a suspicious number of pirate ships visit – this game is no exception. Watts This opens up with Lewpo on the Bastion, bolstering him with the usual suspects of Kbourbery on Orisa and Noclauze on Mercy. Wasyteacup provides long-range support on the Widowmaker, and the first push goes effortlessly. In fact, so does the second. The weakness of a Protect the Bastion composition in competitive is that with coordination, the immobile composition is quite vulnerable to getting taken down. As mentioned previously, unfortunately for Fowl Play, synergy and communication seem to be one of their weaker points. The second point falls without much of a hitch, as Wasyteacup checks any sightlines that aren’t covered by his Bastion. Lewpo effectively remains on the payload for 90% of the entire push, and a great Self Destruct from Muddywicket seals the fate of Fowl Play on the third point.

After such a one-sided round, it’s the mental fortitude of Fowl Play that gets tested. They pass it splendidly, as some switch-ups in terms of composition works wonders for them. Dyson on the Roadhog and Elduderino on the Hanzo provide a lot of threat on the huge open spaces on the first part of the point, but Wasyteacup’s Hanzo is nothing to scoff at either as he keeps hitting multi kills. In the end, it’s the Hog ‘n Hanzo duo that pushes through past the gates of Junkertown, and things are looking up for Fowl Play. On the second point, unfortunately for them, the issues that we saw on Busan rear their head again. It isn’t sheer mechanical outplay through which Watts This wins almost every fight decidedly, it’s a lack of communication and cohesion from Fowl Play, as they fail to layer some incredibly potent ultimates on top of one another. However, one can’t help but be impressed by their fighting spirit, as they eventually grind their way through Watts This when they grow overconfident. Not a lot of time is left for Fowl Play, but they get a teamfight win in Overtime and it looks like they might be able to clinch it out after all. Then, for the third time in a row, Watts This throws a perfectly coordinated EMP and Selfdestruct (Although the second of those three wasn’t nearly as clean). Four people get taken out, the push is over, it’s a 2-0 victory for Watts This.
The cohesion showed by Watts This shows them transcending their relatively low average rank, while Fowl Play showcases a considerable fighting spirit and will be a team to fear if they can work on their coordination.

The second best of three of the night will be fought between our runner-ups of the Winter Season, Y E E T from Staffordshire University and LU Press Q from Loughborough University. Although Y E E T obviously are a team to be feared considering their second-place finish, LU Press Q should be one of the teams who can light some fire under their feet. They bolster a strong lineup with high ranked players, and inconsistency has been one of the key issues of Y E E T.

Our match starts off on Lijiang Tower, specifically its idyllic Garden. LU Press Q go for GOATS, while Y E E T go for a Phara/Mercy with a Wrecking Ball and Genji composition. Right from the get-go, LU Press Q show of their mechanical prowess, as they are able to outduel members from Y E E T. On the other end, Y E E T show off their inconsistency, as the match starts with Callum on Wrecking Ball promptly self-destructing off the bridge. Jellis’ Pharah, a nightmarish terror in the Winter Season, gets no space whatsoever and is promptly dealt with by Vivian. Subsequent pushes go similarly: either Y E E T overextends, or they try to set up big plays with Jellis’ Pharah or Evy’s Genji, but get shut down by excellent defensive plays from LU Press Q. In the end, one of the Barrages does come through, and at 94% the point is taken, finally, by Y E E T. They get up to 74%, but then LU Press Q find their way unto the point. Once they have taken up position, it is difficult for Jellis to have an impact. This is exacerbated by the fact that Evy and Pulse get taken out by this aggressive push, leaving Jellis alone to do the damage. He gets shut down, and LU Press Q take Garden.

With their zany composition not working out on the first round, Y E E T fall back to GOATS backed up by Evy’s Mei on Control Center. It’s the Mei that tilts the battle in favor of Y E E T, as they pick off a couple of members and take the first cap. Even with Callum not finding a great Earthshatter on the second fight, Pulse’s Brigitte is an absolute menace, picking up multi-kills. Same can be said for Zefhus’ Zen, and all of a sudden we see a sizeable lead in ultimate economy for Y E E T. It seems like Y E E T ‘s biggest enemy is themselves. Although LU Press Q play admirably, it does feel like whether fights are won or lost depend more on whether or not Staffordshire play way too overconfident or overaggressive. When the teams clash evenly, and we don’t see a player from Y E E T, for example, Callum, dive in way past what seems reasonable, LU Press Q feel like they are playing at a serious deficit.

On the back of one of those overeager plays, the recap comes in, and the 70% lead for Y E E T gets taken down to a small deficit as LU Press Q push them back to their spawn. Y E E T find a successful skirmish, and in the end, a Graviton Surge from Jellis combined with Evy’s Blizzard seals the deal, as Lijiang gets evened up.

We move to Night Market for the final clash between these two titans. Both teams are again playing GOATS, although Evy has not switched off his trusty Mei. The initial cap goes to LU Press Q, but after Mojo gets taken down the rest of the team is forced to abandon the point.

A 50% lead is acquired by Y E E T, but they falter after a cramped fight where they invest a heavy amount of ultimates without being able to really pick up any kills. Colrookie’s Rally buffs up LU Press Q, and as the point goes to them once again, it is clear we have an incredible back and forth match on our hands here. The subsequent fight gets completely swept by Vivian’s Self-Destruct, and suddenly the score is completely even again, with a Transcendence available for Loughborough. While Snappey dodges Callum’s Earthshatter and is able to use his Transcendence, he can’t do so before Mojo gets taken down. Without their Reinhardt, LU Press Q can’t find the win they need, as the clock ticks down and Y E E T takes Lijiang Tower.

Once again, we take to Junkertown for the second map of the Best of Three. Both teams go for some Orisa gameplay, with Evy supporting on Roadhog and Jellis on the Widow for Y E E T on defense, while we see Syhner on Hanzo as the only DPS for LU Press Q. Jellis makes exceptional use of the wide open spaces provided by the first point of Junkertown, as he picks up multi-kills like its nothing. However, LU Press Q isn’t giving up that easy. Syhner and Vivian output a heavy amount of damage, and the Hanzo provides a suitable counter to the Widowmaker as the first point gets taken down. The second point provides even more inventive counterplay from LU Press Q, as the D.VA and Hanzo combination completely negates any threat that Jellis was able to output previously, meaning the second point falls rapidly. With 3 and a half minutes left on the clock, things are looking good for Loughborough. A switch back to GOATS from Y E E T slows them down somewhat, but Syhner is still darkening the cramped corridors of Junkertown with a rain of arrows. A critical Dragonstrike as they approach the point misses, and with Mojo getting taken down as well the momentum finally gets halted for LU Press Q. Although Pulse gets taken out immediately on the next push, Jellis’ Graviton Surge wins yet another fight. Regardless, it looks like LU Press Q take the win when a battle of Earthshatters ends with Mojo as the winner. Somehow, Y E E T turn them back again, making great use of the short reinforcement distance to the final point. A Graviton Surge and Selfdestruct combo is enough to stall long enough for the reinforcements to kick in, and LU Press Q end up with only two points left on the scoreboard.

It is now up to Y E E T to take the offense all the way to take the Bo3 2-0. They charge in on their pirate ship, only to get halted at the gates by Syhner’s Hanzo. A subsequent offense does work out, and we’ve already seen today how dangerous a Sombra and D.VA combination can be. The second point takes quite a while, also aided by Syhner’s switch to the Tracer. However, once Y E E T switch back to GOATS, it takes too long for LU Press Q to adapt, meaning the second point gets taken down with a relatively comfortable timebank still available for Staffordshire. Once they switch to GOATS, it feels like Y E E T are just on another level, especially when their opponents are still trying to halt their momentum. Another decisive teamfight later, Y E E T is nearing the final point with an advantage in ultimate economy, but they are unable to break LU Press Q. Only 20 seconds are left on the clock, and Y E E T go for a hail marry push with Zefhus’ Transcendence. A swap from Syhner to Bastion gets completely countered by the combination of Transcendence and Mojo dying rapidly at the start of that final fight, and somehow Y E E T end up taking a decisive enough fight that there is no way for Loughborough to come back.
Although it ends in a 2-0 for Y E E T, LU Press Q showcased their talent and I’d be incredibly surprised if we don’t see these two teams face off during playoffs – and you can bet it’d be an amazing match!

On that note, we end the Match Report for Week 4! We will be back on Monday the 4th of March at 7:15 with more Campus Clash.


Player to watch: Jellis is back, and this time it’s his Zarya that is absolutely terrifying!

Favourite play of the night: Callum self-destructing on Wrecking Ball also show why Y E E T can drop games that they shouldn’t.

CHRONICLER (@ChroniclerCasts)

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