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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 4

The fourth week of the Campus Clash has concluded and before you read this match report, please watch the second best of three of the night as to avoid any spoilers in case you haven’t yet.

You now either have done so (already), or completely ignored me, and that means that we can resume business as usual. Your casters were Blank (@BlankCasts) and myself (@ChroniclerCasts).

Underwatch from the University of York vs GCU CKS from Glasgow Caledonian University

Both Underwatch and GCU decide to opt into Sombra-based dive compositions for the first game on Route 66, with the only difference being Tracer and Genji (for Underwatch and GCU respectively). Despite some technical difficulties on the side of Underwatch which means they have to defend with one man down, they are able to expertly defend their position on top of Big Earl’s Diner. Derf2000 proves to be deadly in tandem with Burakkuada, as the combination of well aimed Rocket Jumps and Biotic Grenades on proves to be too much for GCU to handle. The payload can take it easy this round, as GCU isn’t able to reach the first point.

This, in turn, makes the subsequent round very comfortable for Underwatch. On their very first push they are able to brush aside the dive from GCU, and promptly respond with a counterdive of their own. As we saw the first round, the tandem is instrumental – again it is Derf2000 and Burakkuada who snowball the fight, leading to a landslide win for Underwatch on Route 66.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar shows some different colours from both teams, as we move back to the weeks prior with some sniper-on-sniper action. Elusivity seems to get the best of Wallabeh initially, but it isn’t enough to give GCU the momentum they need to push through. This proves to be a continuing issue for them, as they are unable to leverage their ultimate economy properly against the defense from Underwatch – Notan’s Dragonblade, for example, fails to gain any traction. In response, GCU decides to switch to GOATS and it works wonders for them. This was in part due Notan, now on the Brigitte, who is able to sustain the rest of his team throughout the extended struggle in overtime on the first point. Underwatch is taken by surprise and over-extend one time too many, and the second point falls more rapidly than one would expect after their performance the first map. On the final point, they seem to find their groove again after some switch ups in their composition (Wallabeh on the Tracer and Mya, as in game one, on the Sombra).

On offense, GCU switches up their strategy once again and goes for a double sniper composition on defense, featuring Notan on Hanzo and Elusivity on the Widow. This time, it is Mya who tries to match Elusivity’s Widow. Unlike the first round where Elusivity reigned supreme, it is Mya who picks up the triple kill on the first push, sending a very clear message to GCU. As did Underwatch in the first round, some careless movement means that GCU is barely able to mount a defense on the second point.

As on Route 66, Derf2000 and Burakkuada are able to put their own mark on the game through diving and boosting the rest of the team to victory on Gibraltar, as the final point falls after a decisive teamfight win from Underwatch.

Down 2-0, GCU need to make it work on Rialto to earn themselves some valuable points tonight. When the gates open, however, they immediately greet Underwatch with an extremely aggressive move right in front of the spawn. Underwatch, in response, fully commits to this 12 man party and is able to cleanly sweep the whole GCU squad, in part due to some nice displacement from the Lucio and Pharah. The subsequent fight doesn’t go nearly as well, as some overconfidence from Underwatch is appropriately punished by GCU.

From that point on, as we saw on Gibraltar, GCU uses their momentum to the fullest. With an amazing performance from Elusivity on the Zarya and steadfast Reinhardt play from Dahyun, they halt the payload just shy of the first point.

Unfortunately, the short break in between rounds is enough for Underwatch to regain their composure. The Reinhardt fight between Dahyun and Derf2000 is amazing to watch, but while Dahyun is busy fighting of Derf, Jimbo340 is able to pop off on the D.VA – same goes for Wallabeh on the Zarya. In the end, GCU is unable to move past the final frontier, no matter how close they got on Rialto.

Favorite Play of the Night: Django’s final minute in the Eichenwalde series was amazing: from the block, to the Earthshatter, to the final push.

Player to watch: Again, two more contenders for best Widowmaker (Mya and Elusivity). However, the main player to watch for the following nights is Django!

Swansea Storm Boogaloo from Swansea University vs DMUFist from De Montfort University

With that we move to the second best of three of the night, between Swansea Storm Boogaloo against DMUFist.

Starting off on Hollywood, Swansea shows off their creative streak on defense with a Roadhog, Torbjorn and Orisa composition. Unfortunately for them, they are staring down the barrel of a rocket launcher as the Pharmercy is pulled out by DMUFist. As Torbjorns turret goes down, the chances of Swansea being able to deal with the Pharah follow accordingly. In conjunction to death from above, DMUFist puts Phell on the Widowmaker from the second point onward which further exacerbates the amount of punishment Swansea receives. Agentcow’s Pharah continues to be an issue throughout the rest of the game. An extremely aggressive Barrage, in conjunction with Riee’s Winston diving deep into the enemy backline seals the deal, and a convincing three point push starts off the series between the two teams.

Strategies are switched up and Swansea starts off with another Sombra dive composition which they execute slowly but steadily, allowing them to cap the first point relatively easily. Trouble finds them on the second point, as they are unable to take a successful skirmish against DMUfist for a sizeable amount of time. Even a Nano-Boosted Genji using his Dragonblade is unable to pick up any kills – fortunately for him, he does draw enough attention so that the rest of Swansea can clean up, and the second point gets taken eventually as well. However, no such luck on the third point. The second Nano-Blade never comes, as some supposed miscommunication on the side of Swansea means that Nyx is off on his own slashing through a Transcendence without any luck whatsoever. A strong performance from DMUFist on Hollywood puts the pressure on Swansea.

Swansea doesn’t change up their composition on Dorado, again going with the Sombra dive, this time on defense. Initially, it really does feel like the second game will go similar to the first one, with DMUFist decisively winning their first few fights to get the payload halfway to the second point. Swansea then decides that it is time to switch things up. As we have seen in the Campus Clash before, they do so by calling upon the composition that always seems to find a way: GOATS.

Although the second point on Dorado often revolves around obtaining a high ground advantage and leveraging that into a push, Swansea shows that they have no need for that whatsoever, as they repeatedly sweep the floor with DMUFist in a number of 6v6 fights. Agentcow makes a serious argument as to why cows are superior to goats when he finds a three-man Barrage the moment Chaos Defense Matrix is down. With that, only the third point remains, and it is this point that is unobtainable for DMUFist, as they don’t find a similar opening again.

With how well Swansea executed GOATS on defense, they select it again for their offense. All looks lost when they are repeatedly on the receiving end of Barrages and Graviton Surge-Dragonstrike combinations from DMUFist. Swansea does not give up, and it pays off: Chaos hits a 2 man Self-Destruct, and this is the moment which turns around Dorado. Swansea hit their stride and they prove to be unstoppable. The moment they push past the first point, they barely lose any tempo whatsoever (Chaos, just to show everyone that the first time wasn’t a fluke, finds a 3 man Self Destruct on the final push) and match the performance from DMUFist, evening up the series 1-1.

The deciding map will be Eichenwalde, where DMUFist  begin on the offense as they did on Dorado. For the first few minutes, they look incredibly strong. The first point falls after the initial offense, and the second part looks to be no different as they push right up to the bridge. It is here where Swansea channel the spirit of Reinhardts past, with an incredible 5-minute hold on the bridge. DMUFist tries out several compositions, but Swansea gives them no quarter and in the end the moat will not be bridged by DMU.

With that, the stage is set for a win for Swansea. They only need to reach the bridge to complete the first reverse sweep that we have witnessed on stream. It doesn’t start off great, with their first offense being held off without too many issues. However, Django and Chaos aren’t having any of it and they both obtain a number of kills, allowing their team to take the first point. Then, the tempo is given over again to DMUFist, and things look dire for Swansea. It is at that point Chaos hits a huge Graviton Surge – which in itself could have been easily countered by Agentcow’s Earthshatter, if not for Django’s incredible block. That means a won teamfight and Swansea gets the payload moving again. As if the block wasn’t enough, Django subsequently hits a huge Earthshatter and with that the dreams of DMUFist crumble as the bridge gets taken.

In conclusion, Underwatch takes a convincing 3-0 victory over GCU, while the nailbiter between Swansea Storm Boogaloo and DMUFist was decided in favor of Swansea. Make sure to tune in next Monday at 7:15 PM!


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