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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 2

Welcome back to another match report of the Campus Clash Spring Season.Although the title is quite long, unfortunately the same can’t be said for our match report this week, as your lovely casters vowels (@vowelsgg) and omnitoaster (@omnitoaster) only got to cast a single best of three. The first match, between Owo Watts This from Heriot Watt University and I got hit by a car from Staffordshire University did not come to fruition, as I got hit by a car forfeited the match. Fortunately, the viewers were well entertained by vowels and omnitoaster and an fairly fluid timer until the second game of the day:

Go goats pls I need GM from the University of Leeds versus The Derby Raptors from the University of Derby.

First map of the series was Busan, specifically Sanctuary. Ironically, go goats went with a Pharah/Mercy composition with a Widowmaker backup, while the Raptors did go for a GOATS setup. While the initial skirmish before the point opens up goes relatively even, cute positioning from Maestro on the Winston on top of the drum in the middle of the stage combined with splash damage from Rashb on the Pharah means that Shadowleo’s Ana is already taken down. When the point opens up, Maestro draws attention to himself, providing Rashb the opportunity to take down two people with a Barrage, as there is no threat of a Sleep Dart to take him down. With a Rally available on their next push, Raptors is looking for an opening, but they are given no quarter whatsoever by go goats. Maestro jumps into the back line, drawing a ton of attention again and surviving off the back of his Primal Rage, while Rashb somehow has another Barrage available to clean up the rest of the Raptors. A composition switch is attempted by Raptors, switching the Brigitte and Lucio for Widowmaker and McCree, and it initially seems quite succesful. A big Earthshatter from Hadez allows Raptors to take control of the point. After the initial mix up, go goats come back with a vengeance on the back of three great snipes from Chinchilla on the Widowmaker, allowing them to cap the point and take the first round.

The second round takes place on Mech Base, with the pressure on Raptors to find a way of dealing with the synergy shown by go goats. Switching to a Moira instead of the Ana and putting Articuno on the Reaper leads to a splendid opening of the second round by the Raptors. Even with a Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade from Zeke915 on Ana, Articuno manages to stay alive. Regardless, the full might of go goats is still too much. The Raptors get cornered on the point, pressured by Chinchilla’s Deadeye and harassment from Rashb and lose the subsequent fight. With a 50% advantage for them, they are still very much in the game. They charge in, and despite Articuno not getting any picks of his Death Blossom, it does provide enough pressure for the rest of his team to take back the point. Now go goats are on the back foot, and they deal with it expertly: on their next push they completely negate Articuno’s Death Blossom once again (it’s almost like Defense Matrix wasn’t nerfed for Crafter), while building up a big lead in ultimate economy and taking back the point, with the Raptors being at 99%. The next fight is a blowout for go goats, who push away their opponents while barely taking a hit on their ult economy, allowing them to go all out on the next fight with a Sound Barrier, Death Blossom and Primal Rage. Raptors stall for a little bit longer, but in the end the skirmishing from go goats takes them all down. Busan ends with a 2-0 victory for go goats.

The second and possibly final map of the night was Eichenwalde, with go goats starting on defense, while the Raptors were tasked with pushing through the desolated German village.
Go goats again pull out the Pharah Mercy composition they did on Sanctuary, this time aided by Rashb on Hanzo. The Raptors fall back to their initial GOATS composition, which is understandable considering Reaper’s lacklustre performance on Eichenwalde. Although they cross the bridge without too much difficulty, the fight on the point is won overwhelmingly by go goats. Articuno and PointyJr are unable to match the rotation and get picked off, leading to a one sided fight that ends with Chinchilla and Rashb already having a Dragonstrike and Barrage available for the next push. Unsurprisingly, the next push is completely demolished by the offensive power of those two ultimates combined. This leaves about 2:30 on the clock for the Raptors to push through and cap that first point, but they seem to be unable to deal with Chinchilla, who is given so much space by the rest of his team to freely shoot rockets at his opponents. Looking at their time bank rapidly declining, we see a last second switch from Raptors to the Reaper, a hero that Articuno feels very comfortable on. Unfortunately, it is not a hero that deals exceptionally well with flying threats. The subsequent fight sees Chinchilla again moving around unchecked, picking up a double kill on the support back line, sealing the deal on the first round of Eichenwalde – but how close did the Raptors get to capping that point!

Having to pull of a full hold, Raptors go for a Roadhog GOATS composition. The Zenyatta provides them with a discord orb, to deal with the airborne threat that is Chinchilla. Unfortunately, it also means they have no Lucio Speedboost available, and Chinchilla and Rashb make happy use of that. The very first fight is a blowout win for go goats, who immediately cap the point, leading to a very fast end to tonights Campus Clash.
In the end, it is go goats I need GM who take the win 2-0 over the Derby Raptors.

A bit on the shorter side for a night of the Campus Clash, but a good one nonetheless! Join us next Monday at 19:15 GMT for the third week of Swiss at

Highlight of the week
: Blitz on the offense of Eichenwalde. Go Goats showing how scary they really are.
Player to watch: Last week it was Ninja’s, this week it’s everyone’s Favorite scientist: Maestro on Winston having an amazing performance.

– Chronicler

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